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Solved [Linux] Problems while running a TF2 server

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Old 07-24-2020 , 20:36   [Linux] Problems while running a TF2 server
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Hello, good night.

I've been running a vanilla TF2 server in Linux for a while and things were doing well, however today I tried installing Metamod + Sourcemod for the server, however I encountered a bizarre issue.

On top of Metamod not being recognized (despite following all instructions in the documentation), the server straight up stopped reading the configuration files from the cfg/ folder in its root, only reading them from custom/tf/cfg, which I found weird.

Here's some of the logs that display this strange behavior:

Logging into Steam game server account
Error loading cfg/trusted_keys_base.txt // in cfg folder
Error loading cfg/pure_server_full.txt // in cfg folder
pure_server_whitelist.txt not present; pure server using only base file rules // in cfg folder
trusted_keys.txt not present; pure server using only base trusted key list // in cfg folder
ConVarRef room_type doesn't point to an existing ConVar
Executing dedicated server config file server.cfg
Using map cycle file 'cfg/mapcycle.txt'. // in custom cfg folder
'cfg/motd.txt' not found; not loaded // in cfg folder
'cfg/motd_text.txt' not found; not loaded // in cfg folder
SV_ActivateServer: setting tickrate to 66.7
Connection to game coordinator established.
Current item schema is up-to-date with version 015F92D3.
'server.cfg' not present; not executing. // in cfg folder
'ctf_2fort.cfg' not present; not executing.
Any idea what might be going wrong? I'm new to this.

EDIT: Permissions were wonky. The server didn't tell me exactly what was happening so I had no clue. Sorry!

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