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Tournament Mode - "No capturing at this time"

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Old 07-15-2020 , 11:39   Tournament Mode - "No capturing at this time"
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Does tournament mode do anything other than allowing you to set a team name and forcing players to mark themselves as ready? My understanding is that it enables you to whitelist items, banning overpowered items and other competitive tweaks. I'm using:

mp_tournament_whitelist "cfg/item_whitelist.txt"

In testing tournament mode on my server, I'm also noting some odd behavior. The game seems stuck in this waiting for ready/waiting for players phase for 10 minutes. We can play, shoot each other, etc.

However capture points are disabled. When the round ends and goes to the next round it is now functioning. Round 2 is basically the first working round. During that initial 10 minutes the game says:

"No capturing at this time"

Google returns nothing for "tf2 tournament" and "No capturing at this time"

Even if I don't test on my server (with various config setting and sourcemod plugins) and just test locally in TF2 by firing up "map whatever") and then setting a console command for "mp_tournament 1" I can replicate the behavior where capture points are not live. Is this a bug? Is this intended behavior to disable objects in tournament mode? If so, why would they start to work on the 2nd round?

If you're hosting a tournament are there ways to have team names and other competitive aspects enabled without breaking objectives in the game?
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