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[INC] CromChat - a better ColorChat!

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Old 11-30-2022 , 16:37   Re: [INC] CromChat - a better ColorChat!
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So i tried adding colors to admincmd.sma (AMX Mod X 1.10 - build 5465) with this include.
What i did:
added #include <cromchat> to admincmd.sma
compiled, replaced admincmd.amxx in server files
added to slap messsage in admincmd.txt: ADMIN &x04%s slapped ....
slapped myself
output in chat: ADMIN &x04myname slapped blahblahblah
It did not got colored, instead it showed the color code.
Can anyone help me?
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Old 12-11-2022 , 18:56   Re: [INC] CromChat - a better ColorChat!
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PHP Code:
#include <cromchat> 
ADMIN !gyourname !nslapped blablahblah
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