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hello, Please help me. I'm looking for this mod for the server

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Old 09-29-2023 , 14:43   hello, Please help me. I'm looking for this mod for the server
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Hello, Please help me.
I'm looking for this mod for the server

List of Commands

Mostly used:

!afk : Allows you to enter spectate after a random couple of seconds (max of 19 seconds).
!cfs : Command for suicide. Not the command for shop!
!kill : Another command for suicide.
!drop : Whatever item youíre holding in your hands, you drop it.
!maptop : Shows the current mapís best and worst player.
!points : Shows the current amount of points that you have.
!rank : Shows your current rank.
!nextrank : Shows how many more points you need for the next rank.
!ping : Shows your current ping.
!thp : Shows the tankís health.
!info (name) : Shows you another playerís rank, health, etc.
!players : List of players in game.
!list : Players connected.
!mut: Enable or disable the list of speaking players on mic.
!mute : Start vote to disable speaking player on mic for everyone.

!melee: melee damage
!damage : See all good guns damage.
!colors : All colors and needed points.
!helpmenu : Open a menu with all info and links.
!motd : See message of the day.
!top20 : Shows the top 20 players in the server.
!next : Shows the next map along with the amount of times the current map has been failed.
!serverinfo : Shows information about the server.
!playtime : Time you played.
!callvote kick : (in console) only for <20 rank players.

Character commands:
!nick : Change to Nick.
!rochelle : Change to Rochelle.
!ellis : Change to Ellis.
!coach : Change to Coach.
!bill : Change to Bill.
!zoey : Change to Zoey.
!francis : Change to Francis.
!louis : Change to Louis.

Special Ammo Boxes
◙ acidbox : Spawns a pool of spitter acid around box.
◙ airstrikebox : Creates F-18 jets that fly by and shoot missiles.
◙ barrelbox : Creates explosive barrels that fall from the sky for a short time period. Can incapacitate/kill players!
◙ bingobox : A random amount of points can be received (4 to 100 ).
◙ blazebox : A shield of fire protects you from all zombies and special infected (except the tank!)
◙ bloodbox : Reduces the amount of times you can get incapacitated to 1.
◙ bonusbox : Increases the amount of points and drops from special infected.
◙ boombox : Creates a small explosion.
◙ boomerbox : Only boomer special infected.
◙ bossbox : Doubles the amount of special infected.
◙ bridebox : Spawns 2 bride witches by box!
◙ bwbox : The player becomes black and white.
◙ chargerbox : Only charger special infected.
◙ cloudbox : Spawns a toxic cloud that can hurt players over time if standing in it.
◙ expiredbox : You become black and white with 1hp!
◙ explosionbox : Creates an explosion that can incapacitate/kill players!
◙ failbox : No more drops from special infected!
◙ flamebox : Player is on fire until incapacitated.
◙ freezebox : Freezes nearby players.
◙ hardbox : Increases the difficulty.
◙ healbox : Heals the playerís life to 100%. Has a chance to bring dead players back to life.
◙ hellbox : Creates an explosion each second for 5 times on the player that opened the box! Beware!
◙ huntingbox : Only hunter special infected.
◙ jockeybox : Only jockey special infected.
◙ laserbox : Spawns the laser sight upgrades box.
◙ lifebox: Gives the player 200 health.
◙ medbox : Spawns medikits, defibrillators, pills or adrenaline shots.
◙ meteorbox : Creates meteors that fall from the sky for a short time period.
◙ multiplebox : Spawns multiple boxes.
◙ nextbox : Shows what box is next.
◙ panicbox : Calls a horde of random uncommon zombies.
◙ pointsbox : Player receives +500 points.
◙ realismbox : Deactivates the halos/glow around all players and items.
◙ respawnbox : Brings dead players back to life.
◙ smokerbox : Only smoker special infected.
◙ spitterbox : Only spitter special infected.
◙ tankbox : Spawns a regular/super tank.
◙ tinybox : Zombies become smaller.
◙ vomitbox : Vomits nearby players.
◙ whitebox : All players become black and white!
◙ witchbox : Spawns 10 witches in a random place.

Survivor Skin Colors

Skin colors depend on your total points collected in the server.
How do I collect points? Play, help your team, and find out.
1M: Brown color
640K : Orange color
320K : Red color
160K : Pink color
80K : Purple color
40K : Green color
20K : Blue color
10K : Yellow color
5K : Lightgreen color
Admins : Black color
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Old 11-10-2023 , 06:06   Re: hello, Please help me. I'm looking for this mod for the server
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Probably multiple plugins, one of them looks like https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=290271
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