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Understanding the SourceMod Plugin License

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Old 07-05-2024 , 06:17   Re: Understanding the SourceMod Plugin License

Originally Posted by JustMadMan View Post
Where should I start to apologize if I didnít touch other plugins at all? Why did I even give an example of such plugins, I donít understand?
By the way, you showed up on time, but itís exaggerating and accusing me that Iím not a grateful person, of course, strongly, considering that I helped Silvers and indirectly you through BloodyBlade, so thank you for dragging me into a toxic and ungrateful community.

The topic is closed. I understood other people's opinions
I don't need your apologies, get the fk out of here and my life, mind your own fking business, move on your life. Code Justice Warrior.
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Old 07-05-2024 , 06:35   Re: Understanding the SourceMod Plugin License

JustMadMan, nice, helped with few lines and now you should be recognized as king and god who is allowed to do anything.
It seems you didn't expect that there is such word as responsibility for your words.

But, ok if you're claming that you not understand. Than, let's talk calmly.
Let me explain you how the things work.
I am lawyer by profession. So, I think I may have rights to explain how the law works from zero, using some of your accusations.

There is such thing as Law, everybody must follow. You may not follow, however, you will be punished if your guilt will be proven.
There is hierarhy levels, where: Constitution > Law > License > Forum rules & Morality.
That means, if forum rules contradict something that is obviously allowed by the law or license, then the law has more powerful and you are not guilty.
Forum rules may expand the list of prohibitions, which aren't covered by the law.

One example:
Do not advertise (including in signatures) the sale of turnkey (i.e. pre-made) plugins, work-for-hire is fine.
which is already fixed by the Harry.

Next one:
There is presumption of innocence in most countries: the accused is not required to prove his innocence; it's obligation of the prosecution to provide all evidence of guilt. So, you must provide a complete and clear evidence of violation.

The GPL is fundamentally grounded in copyright law. When someone violates the terms of the GPL, it is generally considered a form of copyright infringement.
If someone distributes GPL-licensed software without adhering to the license terms (e.g., not providing the source code), they infringe on the copyright holder's exclusive rights to distribute and modify the software.
So in fact it's violation of copyrights, not a theft of intellectual property. GPL projects by definition are open-sourced, they cannot be stolen.

As little_froy already stated, according to GPL saling the derivatives of GPL projects is not forbidden.

Originally Posted by JustMadMan View Post
As for me, this rule is absurd. Because this is nothing more than making money on someone else's work.
It's your personal opinion. However, it's not a rule, but license. You cannot base your accusation based on your inner opinion, if that one contradicts with license.

Originally Posted by BloodyBlade
What we have been doing for years for free, updating, correcting other people's plugins and publishing them in the themes of the corresponding plugins, Harry Potter sells and earns from it. I understand if these plugins were Harry Potter's original ideas and he was selling them. But when he earns money from other people's ideas and code, it is, at least, unfair to the original authors of the plugins.
He selling the service for updating the plugin, unless he claimed somewhere to be the author.
And it is clearly said in the description here: https://imgur.com/rwUeHOF
If you are repairing a car at a service station or install a spoiler on it for 8$, wouldn't you ask your morality this is unfair to the original creator of this car despite this car and this spoiler is not your ideas?

Originally Posted by JustMadMan View Post
Follow this link ,https://github.com/fbef0102/Game-Pri.../l4d2_map_nuke look at the plugin changes, and then go here
Nothing new at all, he just stole a plugin from someone else
Selling a fork of a GPL-licensed project without making any modifications to the original project is not a violation of the GPL, as long as the distributor complies with the terms of the GPL.
Refer to Section 4 and 6 of GPLv3 license. https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html
You may consider it to be immorally. However, the mentioned project has some changes. And you are not expert to measure how many time/money was spent on these changes. As I already stated before, 1 symbol change may cost few hours of work. The only matter is fair value for a such task, which is subjective concept.

Originally Posted by JustMadMan
Here's Harry Potter version
Will you say again: “This is not proof”? And look at the video from the author himself above and from the version of Harry Potter. There is no difference at all. If you look at the list of changes from Harry Potter, there he did not even indicate the real author of this plugin
There is no such obligation to indicate the name of the original author in the GitHub ChangeLog or in the Description of the project.
The original author must be credited in the source code itself. This typically involves keeping the copyright notices and attributions in the source code files. For example, if there is a header comment in the original files stating the author's name and the copyright notice, this must be retained in the forked version.
While not strictly required by the GPL, it is good practice to also credit the original author in the project's documentation. This could be in a README file or else.
Refer to Section 5 of GPLv3.
In fact, even original author usually not crediting himself in the ChangeLog.
You may only claim that Harry not follow the best practice in the particular case.

As about confirmation from other authors in Discord. They are not required at all. Even if the original author clearly denies you the right to sell his work, you are not prohibited to do so, because original author have accepted the terms of the GPL license agreement.

Summary of this topic:

- AM representative confirmed that everything clear
- you stole the money by interfering Harry with his side-job
- you are forcing Harry to be banned or quit such a way you are stoling one of the best specialist from AM.

And you still don't feel any shame or guilty? Don't stop. Keep going then in crusade to find witches, find another one target.
I'm sure, at the the end of your journey the only one who will create new projects will be newbies and you.

Originally Posted by Qoo_ View Post
by the way, I stand with Ukraine, FK you russian, FK you war.
FK USA. Kill your local news and switch on your brain. Read your american friend Jeffrey Sachs instead.

Originally Posted by Jhob94 View Post
Toxic and ungrateful community? It is not our fault that you are not capable of understanding the rules.
Rules of good world where morality principle require you to give thank, or rule of bad world?
About second part, excuse me, but I lost any logic to understand your explanation. You mixed flies with cutlets. Also it wasn't my original logic, but JustMadMan one.
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Old 07-05-2024 , 08:32   Re: Understanding the SourceMod Plugin License

AM supports and encourages everyone to publish their plugins freely available for others to use and learn from, as they themselves used the public plugins and learnt from the plugin authors that came before them ó and thatís all weíll support here on the forum and our other community spaces, despite the license allowing further latitude.

Iím going to bring about the end of this thread on this note, further impassioned points can come to my DMs if need be.
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