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[REQ] Disable CS:GO Global Mute

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Old 08-21-2021 , 06:46   [REQ] Disable CS:GO Global Mute
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im searching for a long time for this, but I didn't found anything.

Is it possible to remove a mute punishment from CS:GO on my Community Server?

Thank you guys
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Old 08-21-2021 , 08:41   Re: [REQ] Disable CS:GO Global Mute
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I assume you're talkin about the automatic mute issued by Valve.

sm_cvar sv_mute_players_with_social_penalties 0
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Old 08-29-2021 , 17:56   Re: [REQ] Disable CS:GO Global Mute
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This is a plugin that simply just disables the development-only flag for the cvar, allowing you to change it without needing 'sm_cvar' command to change the cvar's value.

PHP Code:
#pragma        semicolon    1
#pragma        newdecls    required

public    Plugin    myinfo    =
name        =    "[CS:GO] sv_mute_players_with_social_penalties Cvar Unlock",
author        =    "https://steamcommunity.com/id/Teamkiller324",
description    =    "Unlocks the cvar",
version        =    "0.1",
url            =    "https://steamcommunity.com/id/Teamkiller324"

void OnPluginStart()
GetEngineVersion() != Engine_CSGO)
ThrowError("CS:GO Only");
ConVar cvar FindConVar("sv_mute_players_with_social_penalties");
int flags cvar.Flags;
cvar.Flags flags;

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File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (sv_mute_players_with_social_penalties.sp - 112 views - 600 Bytes)
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Old 08-30-2021 , 11:42   Re: [REQ] Disable CS:GO Global Mute
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Thank you both for helping me
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