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WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2

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Old 05-04-2017 , 22:35   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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Try this one.
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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (walkguard.sma - 34 views - 32.3 KB)
Just buy the fucking game!!!!
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Old 05-21-2017 , 06:02   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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Block Bombsite (Update: 25.05.2017)
tested on AMXX 1.8.2+
Deleted for now, see this thread.


for anyone interested, I added the ability to set two new types of blocks to either block bombsite A or B, depending on how many CTs are on the server. Files attached.

It shows a red HUD message on round start when a bombsite is blocked and a message when the player touches the block.

All changes are marked with "// bombsites block edit", so you can search for that comment to edit however you like.

Example for de_dust2.wgz to block bombsite B:
wgz_block_bombsite_b -384.7 1587.0 -59.0 -97 -0 -93 97 0 93
wgz_block_bombsite_b -537.4 1409.9 -63.4 0 -71 -66 0 71 66
wgz_block_bombsite_b -1088.0 -833.0 221.5 0 -194 -97 0 194 97
wgz_block_bombsite_b -1019.5 -637.9 288.6 -66 -0 -30 66 0 30
wgz_block_bombsite_b -253.5 2144.1 -48.4 0 -161 -81 0 161 81
The minimum amount of CTs can be set at the top of the plugin (line 12):
The duration (Float) of the HUD message can be defined on line 13:
Add these to walkguard.txt for translation:
WALKGUARD_BLOCK_BOMBSITE_PRINT = Bombsite %s is blocked!
WALKGUARD_BLOCK_BOMBSITE_HUD = Not enough CTs (%d)!^nBombsite %s is blocked

ZONE_MODE_BLOCK_BOMBSITE_A = block bombsite A when not enough CTs
ZONE_MODE_BLOCK_BOMBSITE_B = block bombsite B when not enough CTs
Consider to only use one type of bombsite block (A/B) per map, otherwise it won't work properly (and wouldn't make any sense either).

I don't know if the code is good, but it "works". I only made changes I needed, so if anyone wants to edit further or improve it go ahead and let us know. Enjoy.

- LegacyCode

Last edited by LegacyCode; 05-27-2017 at 21:25. Reason: deleted sma so people don't install this broken version
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Old 12-30-2017 , 21:20   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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Originally Posted by chaves View Post

I can not compile in the amx 1.8.3 dev 4753 version, does anyone know what might be happening?
I was able to compile the 'orig code' from the first page with dev 5151 without any errors.
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Old 03-10-2018 , 04:45   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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Sometimes the camperzone just doesn't work. After map change from another map or when it is on it doesn't work on some players, like AFK players. I don't have any way to reproduce this. Can anyone check the code please?

Edit: the zone not loading was a problem from my fault. Had changed the nap with a capital letter when it didn't had it.
Can anyone check the other problem

Last edited by WhiteFang1319; 03-10-2018 at 16:17. Reason: Update
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Old 04-13-2018 , 23:23   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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Hello guys, his is by far my favourit plugin,but can some one edit it and make it so that we can set:
Block_team1 - expiring time
block team2 - expiring time

i want to use it as an early anti ct rush with walls that expire.

yeah this won't be the best anti rush but it should be easy to edit,(help please)

also if anyone wants to make the perfect anti rush plugin out of this ;

same as above,you can add walls that expire to block cts for the first 40s as an example, but it should be auto disabled when the Ts plant the bomb,and maybe print a hub or chat msg everytime you touch the invisible wall "You can't rush yet ! 05 left" and another msg when it's off "40s passed you can rush now" "c4 planted anti rush off" or just "Anti rush off"

i would be really grateful if anyone can help,

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Old 05-13-2018 , 06:28   Re: WalkGuard - no camping/climbing/bug using - V1.3.2
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can anyone tell me how to fix this "shaking" effect when you stand next to the block-zone or on it? how to make it totally SOLID? i sometimes use it to make a little platforms, but it doesn't allow to stand still, you're always get shaky. please help me, there's no other place to ask for help.
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