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[TFC] Weapon Giver

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Team Fortress Classic        Category:   Admin Commands        Approver:   Emp` (115)
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Old 04-07-2007 , 19:01   [TFC] Weapon Giver
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This plugin gives weapons to players in TFC.
I'm suprised that this has never been made before.

amx_giveweaponmenu KICK acces needed
amx_showweapons to show weaponID's and ammoID's in the console
amx_giveweapon (NAME/@ALL/@BLUE/@RED/@YELLOW/@GREEN) (WeaponID) KICK acces needed
(Can also use first letter of the team like @A for ALL @R for RED etc...)
amx_giveammo (NAME/@ALL/@BLUE/@RED/@YELLOW/@GREEN) (ammoID) (amount) KICK acces needed
(Can also use first letter of the team like @A for ALL @R for RED etc...)

Put amx_spawnweapon1/5 to a weaponID number, everyone will get that weapon on spawn.
This can be done for 5 weapons max, you can also use 200 to strip weapons, and 100 to give all weapons.
You can also put this to an AmmoID and it will give the class max ammo on spawn.
Goes back to 0 automaticly after mapchange.

Example: Put amx_spawnweapon1 to 200 to strip weapons, but amx_spawnweapon2 to 3 for knife, and everyone will get knife only on spawn.

Modules: FUN + TFCX + ENGINE

Version History:
1.0 First Release
1.1 Fixed bug in command (Thanks pizzahut)
1.2 Added a command for faster use.
2.0 Added spawnweapon, added ammogive, added weaponstrip.
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