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Warcraft3 XP Version 2.6.3

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Counter-Strike        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   devicenull (200)
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Old 07-16-2005 , 14:35   Warcraft3 XP Version 2.6.3
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Version 2.6.3 is an updated release of the 2.6 version. It has been adjusted for the latest AMXX release, and includes several performance and bug fixes. There is now an SQL-Lite code path as well as a CVAR for changing race while alive.

Thanks goes to Lazarus Long for the 2.6.1, 2.6.2, and 2.6.3 updates. Also for providing several download packages.

WC3 XP needs and uses the Engine, Fun, and Cstrike modules. If you want to run a long term server with MySQL, you will also need MySQL. The plugin uses Vault by default for Long term.

The documentation was rewritten to include installation instructions for AMXModX.

Features (New 2.6.x Changelog):

  • Fixed, for good, the "Bad file Server is enforcing file consistency for..." error message that was booting everybody from the server.
  • Renamed several variables to remove 'local variable shadows a variable at a preceding level' warnings.
  • Updated SQL queries to only pull needed data, not the full records.
  • Added mp_changeracepastfreezetime cvar to allow race changes while alive.
  • Increased the length of the team name variables in death logging.
  • Replaced the check_say() function with either direct calls to the corresponding function with register_clcmd(), or with say_*() functions.
  • Changed the Troll ultimate to allow healing of self.
  • Changed the SQL "CREATE TABLE" statements to minimize differences between MySQL and SQLite.
  • Changed the SQL error handling system with a global new Result:res and a remake of dbi_check_error().
  • Added missing famas and galil to damage_event() weaponname variable.
  • Removed forcing setting mp_consistency, it was booting everybody from the server under AMX Mod X 1.5x.
  • Removed inconsistent_file() function to allow compiling for AMX Mod X 1.5x.
  • Added support for SQLite database XP storage.
  • Updated/checked SQL statements.
  • Minor compiler warnings resolved.
  • AMX is NOT supported. You must use AMXX 1.0 or newer.
  • CS 1.5 and WON are NOT supported. You must use STEAM/CS 1.6
  • The old flat file save method is removed. The plugin now uses VAULT by default, MySQL is optional in the CFG. The plugin will still convert war3users.ini files into VAULT.
  • Blood Elf is no longer part of the plugin in "Original Mode"
  • To get Blood Elf and 3 new races, enable "EXPANDED_RACES" in the CFG file. The 3 new races are Troll, Dwarf, and Lich.
  • Many old config options have been removed. We have trimmed some features that had little to do with WC3 out of the code. You can find similar plugins at amxmodx.org
  • Weapons do not drop in front of players who had reincarnated anymore
  • VAULT is far more reliable with tracking when to delete a player's data
  • Added a config option ORCNADELESS. This is on by default and works like version 2.5. The plugin causes orc nades to do less damage than normal if you do not have the option ORCNECKLACE enabled. Turning off ORCNADELESS will return orc grenades to max damage.
  • VAULT will work with SAVE_WITH_IP now
  • You can say "shopmenu" now rather than having to bind it
  • Admins can now give or take XP with wc3_givexp
  • Freeze round and many other speed-related bugs have been fixed
  • Many many many many runtime errors fixed
Features (Old 2.5 Changelog):
I'm not going to post the whole changelog, these are just the main features since Spacedudes 2.20:
  • All modifications based on the 2.20 source, not the unstable 2.21.
  • MySQL Support from Mr. B
  • many bugfixes
  • main configuration is done by changing pre compilation directives in the warcraft3.cfg (this makes updating easier) and recompiling the code. The default .amxx in the download is for non-mysql shortterm servers
  • calculation of invisibility changed a bit
  • weapon reincarnation fixed
  • extended war3menu
  • Necklace works against Ork Grenades (optional)
  • more XP for mission objectives
  • no XP given if less than 4 players on server (number can be changed)
  • new optional human ultimate: blink. Teleport to where you are looking at if no enemy with necklace is in the vacinity
  • new race: blood elf
  • sound/icon when ultimate is ready
  • shopmenu can be restricted to buyzone
  • icon above head of teammates showing their race
  • vault saving implemented (fast)
  • pruning of old entries for vault
  • changeable starting level for new players
  • stable and fast
  • Get money back for item if you already have one and buy a new one
  • Armour reincarantion bug fixed
  • Ability to save XP via IP
  • Option to have dead players drop their item (just as they drop their weapon)
  • Players can manualy drop their item with the command "dropitem"
  • Multilanguage: support for English, German and French
  • If you have questions or suggestions you can post them here or in the official Support Forums at wc3mods.net
Lead Developer of Warcraft3 XP: ferret
Developement Team: ferret, Lazarus Long, geesu
Former Lead Developer: Dopefish
Original Plugin by: Spacedude
Further notes on contributors within the SMA file.


This post may be outdated. Check this forum for the latest news:
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