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Changing Custom AA [ReAPI]

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Old 01-30-2021 , 13:24   Changing Custom AA [ReAPI]
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Hi guys. I know this thread is already made several times but its not working very well how i tested. Problem is the choke while in air, like some conflict/spam from server side to client side or similar...

I would like to make it to work with ReHLDS, ReAPI, ReGameDLL...

I have tried to hook RG_PM_AirMove_Pre and change player's movevars for airaccelerate to 100.0 and then in PM_AirMove_Post to set it back to 10.0 (as sv_airaccelerate on the server) to 'avoid spam of SVC_NEWMOVEVARS' (credits to: https://dev-cs.ru/threads/12893/post-93102)

But its not working very well...i tried to read all possible explanations/tips about this, maybe this help to someone who would like to participate in this:

1) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...2&postcount=16
2) https://forums.alliedmods.net/showpo...8&postcount=39

I undestood it as it needs SVC_NEWMOVEVARS to be hooked (or maybe: SV_QueryMovevarsChanged_Post()) -> block it -> send manually SVC_NEWMOVEVARS
But i have no idea if it can be hooked with ReAPI

Also this could help, from Arkashine's custom_aa.sma:
 │  ┌───────────────────────────┐
 │  └───────────────────────────┘
 │       → PM_Move()
 │       → PM_AirMove_Pre()
 │       → PM_AirMove_Post()
 │       → PM_AirAccelerate()
 │       → SV_SetMoveVars()
 │       → SV_WriteMovevarsToClient()
 │       → SV_QueryMovevarsChanged_Post()
 │            └ WriteMovevarsToClient()
 │                 ├ checkConnectingClient()
 │                 └ sendNewMoveVars()
Thanks in advance for helping out. Im using last version of ReGameDLL, ReHLDS, ReAPI if that matters
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