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CSGO servers and AWS EC2

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Old 05-30-2020 , 11:57   CSGO servers and AWS EC2
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Hello everyone, i have some questions regarding hosting 4-8 servers with 11 slots and 128 tickrate if anyone can help please.
  1. Whats the best plan to host these servers (c5.large, c5.xlarge etc...)
  2. How much is the needed out data transfer (thinking those servers are full)
  3. Whats the best pricing model in terms of pricing (On-Demand, spot, reserved etc..)


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Old 06-08-2020 , 04:39   Re: CSGO servers and AWS EC2
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( I've never hosted a csgo server or a 128 tick server but I have run tf2 servers and Gmod servers. )

1) Hosting on AWS will be terribly expensive at 128 tick your going to want a CPU core per a server so if your intending to run 8 you would need a a1.2xlarge which cost like 150$s a month +all your bandwidth fees and what ever other junk AWS charges for.

2) About 1.4~ terabytes per month per server assuming they are constantly full.

3) Best pricing model is to not use AWS. I've always used buyvm.net dedicated CPU slices to host my servers with good results. running 8 would cost 120$s a month with no extra fees
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