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[TF2]Bot Replaying User's actions (Request)

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Old 01-09-2021 , 08:20   [TF2]Bot Replaying User's actions (Request)
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Hello, is it possible to make a plugin that record your movements and have bots replay it like in SFM but for the game TF2 itself? Ive seen some for CS:S and CS:GO just like this,
https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=164148 but for TF2?
ive seen only 3 for tf2 for now,
1 of them is exactly the same, but its kinda buggy, Engineers cant build and sometimes it crashes your server, and they cant damage themselves while rocket/sticky jumping,
2, a plugin called JumpBOT, The Animations of them rocket and sticky jumping looks like their crouching in mid-air. and its only for soldiers and demomans, and again they cant damage themselves, and its closed-beta,
3. shavit-bhoptimer, its too complicated(at least for me), and i dont want it to only be for bhopping.
the reason why i want them do damage themselves is just for gameplay, and so i know how much damage they took,
[PS]I know this will probably take lots and lots and LOTS of time and effort to do it, im not forcing you to do it, im asking if you can or cannot
the reason i want this is just for gameplay purposes, Maybe theres more plugins like this out there,maybe i just havent searched better, im a lazy retard so..

In conclusion,
I want a plugin like this :
1. allowing users to record their actions and let a bot replay them, like in SFM except this is for gameplay purposes. We're able to use Any Class, that includes engineer building, and maybe taunting aswell but thats not necessary
2.(Optional) Recording through spectator, If for some reason the plugin has to be for admins, we can record other players playing while spectating, (i dont think this is possible but i put it here anyway)
3. (Also optional) Recording while on STV or a Demo so i can like see bots replaying the users actions on my server, again like number 2 Honestly i think this is impossible, but maybe one of you out there can do it, again its optional,
4. for cvars/cmds example
sm_br or sm_botrecord = Automatically Record Your Movements at the current class you're on When typed
sm_botmenu = A menu for recording manually,before recording theres options like "Record Movement", "Play a Recording", when recording theres "Pause Recording", and "Stop Recording/Save"
sm_savebookmark = same thing like in peace-maker's plugin Saves a bookmark with the given name in the record the target records. Usage: sm_savebookmark <name|steamid|#userid> <bookmark name> or sm_sb for short
sm_bs or sm_botstop = Stop the current recording
if someone actually knows how to do it on STV/Demo and need another command for it it can be
sm_btv,/sm_bot_tv = Automatically Record Players Movements When spectating a player on a STV/Demo
sm_stoptv = Stop The Current Recording on stv/demo
And maybe make the recording into files, so it can be saved in a folder, like Peace maker's bot mimic plugin, so it can be loaded easily

sm_botreplay_snapshotinterval = same as peace maker's plugin, "Save the position of clients every x ticks. This is to avoid bots getting stuck in walls during a long playback and lots of jumps."

Let me know if i miss anything, you can try to create ideas aswell, im too small brained for this shit,
and sorry if i said anything wrong and misleading. and i know sometimes i dont get what i want, but hey maybe i will , If i needed to pay for a plugin like this, then yikes, cause im poor as hell man
Anyways thank you for reading this, Have a good day, go easy on me please
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