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[CS:GO] Manipulate "map triggers?"

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Old 10-10-2017 , 12:12   [CS:GO] Manipulate "map triggers?"
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How can i manipulate map "triggers"? (For example i want to open a specific door (ent_fire door1 open) or destroy a something (ent_fire 1 break))
I tried doing it by
ServerCommand("ent_fire 1 break");
but this is doesn't working :/

Does anyone know how to do it and can help me ?
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Old 10-10-2017 , 15:04   Re: [CS:GO] Manipulate "map triggers?"
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ok... If you start by playing a map with sv_cheats 1 (against bots)

Use command: find_ent <classname>
- you need give a letter or else entity classname to get list of entities from map.
Example find_ent _ or find_ent door

I found func_door.
You can get some info how func_door works.
With command: ent_info <classname>
example ent_info func_door

We can either Open or Kill func_door.

You can test in that sv_cheats 1 mode...
ent_fire func_door Open
- I don't remember, would this open all func_doors or just one...

Here SourceMod plugin sample.
When you aim different places and use command sm_test, it print to chat some info and opens func_door if found.

PHP Code:
#include <sdktools>

public void OnPluginStart()

Action sm_test(int clientint arg)

client == || !IsClientInGame(client))    return Plugin_Handled;

int entity_index GetClientAimTarget(clientfalse);

entity_index == -1)
PrintToChat(client"[SM] No entities here...");

char classname[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];
PrintToChat(client"[SM] No 'classname', entity %i"entity_index);

char targetname[MAX_NAME_LENGTH];

PrintToChat(client"[SM] You found %s - %s - %i"classnametargetnameentity_index);

StrEqual(classname"func_door"false)) AcceptEntityInput(entity_index"Open");


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