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Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)

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Old 08-04-2011 , 22:31   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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I got a little issue with stripper source in l4d2..

I use stripper only for removing meds, placing meds and try to block bugs in l4d2..

I placed this in my file a part I will post here
PHP Code:
"origin" "2287.690918 5210.058594 510.031250"
"spawnflags" "3"
"angles" "-86 28 -32"
"classname" "weapon_first_aid_kit_spawn"
"origin" "2287.690918 5210.058594 510.031250"
"spawnflags" "3"
"angles" "-86 25 -29"
"classname" "weapon_first_aid_kit_spawn"
"origin" "2287.690918 5210.058594 510.031250"
"spawnflags" "3"
"angles" "-86 27 -30"
"classname" "weapon_first_aid_kit_spawn"
"hammerid" "1206639"

now the first level its loads the medkits removes the medkits in that level..
switching from 1st to 2nd level nothing is there..
then if I manually reload the level in HLSW the meds are there.. and I don't have a clue why it does this..

I use Stripper (1.2.2) by BAILOPAN
also have this problem with 1.2.1


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Old 08-18-2011 , 17:28   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Could anyone share with me the method for altering respawn wave times within TF2 using this plugin?

I've tried using modify to do this for our 24/7 Harvest server, but the end result is that the timers for the control point never count down.
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Old 08-19-2011 , 04:59   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Old 08-19-2011 , 10:46   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Originally Posted by FaTony View Post
The problem with using mp_respawnwavetime is that in KotH, the respawn time changes each time the point is captured. Here is the code I assume I need to alter, taken from a dump of koth_harvest_final:

"model" "*10"
"team_spawn_3" "0"
"team_spawn_2" "0"
"team_numcap_3" "2"
"team_numcap_2" "2"
"team_cancap_3" "1"
"team_cancap_2" "1"
"targetname" "capture_area_1"
"StartDisabled" "0"
"area_time_to_cap" "2"
"area_cap_point" "control_point_1"
"classname" "trigger_capture_area"
"hammerid" "373229"
"OnCapTeam2" "prop_cap_1,Skin,2,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam1" "prop_cap_1,Skin,1,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam2" "tf_gamerules,SetRedTeamRespawnWaveTime,4,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam2" "tf_gamerules,SetBlueTeamRespawnWaveTime,8,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam1" "tf_gamerules,SetBlueTeamRespawnWaveTime,4,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam1" "tf_gamerules,SetRedTeamRespawnWaveTime,8,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam1" "tf_gamerules,SetRedKothClockActive,,0,-1"
"OnCapTeam2" "tf_gamerules,SetBlueKothClockActive,,0,-1"
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Old 08-20-2011 , 12:58   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Hi all.
I use Deathmatch mod on my server and maps like fy_ or dm_
Players in one team as well known can't die all together in Deathmatch so on maps like fy_ or dm_ when timeleft become 0 map doesn't change .
I begin to use Stripper Source and add the hostages to the global_filters.cfg:

"classname" "/prop_phys.*/"
"origin" "1376 3168 -112"
"HostageType" "0"
"classname" "hostage_entity"
The hostage appeared on the maps but the map still doesn't change when timeleft become 0.

Anyone can help me please?
Sorry for my bad English.
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Old 09-07-2011 , 07:32   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Old 09-18-2011 , 12:24   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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How can I spawn objects?
I want to block some exploits in L4D (like death toll finale rock bug) with a spawned object, but I don't know how.

I also don't know how to get the cursor coordinates?

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Old 09-27-2011 , 13:16   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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Got tired of VS-unfriendly map design in L4D2, so I hacked together my own set of stripper:source .cfg files.

I used some fixes by Eraa and Untalented -- props to them (they're credited in the .cfg files where applicable -- mostly DeC, HR and Par fixes). Most things I pieced together myself. I care about the aesthetics, so I mostly used environment-appropriate barriers and such. So no ugly fences or repetitive objects everywhere.


Generally, these .cfgs make the later parts of maps harder (notably DeC2, DeC3, Par2, Par3) and makes those way too short maps a little longer DaC4, HR4, NM1, NM4). Should make distance points match effort better.

Includes fixes for these campaigns: DeC, DaC, SF, HR, Par, NM (, minor BH).

These should be fully coop-friendly (though I'm not 100% sure about Par2).
Oh, and I didn't want to run the L4D2 routing plugin, so these are not compatible with that.

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Old 10-14-2011 , 16:04   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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I think the Linux binaries may need an update after the last TF2 Update.
The plugins still working, I just don't think all the features are their.
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Old 10-16-2011 , 09:38   Re: Stripper:Source (Updated 2011-04-15)
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I have a queation about stripper:source

The map i won't to change is achievement_all_v4 and it is not big but i don't know how to block on the map or in a special area to build up an sentry gun

can someone help me with this ot explain if this is possible?


Edit: The Area is from the Position "1591 480 16" to "565 -1889 504"

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