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Basic Admin Tool

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This is an admin tool running on Metamod: Source that is intented for server owners who want to administer public servers, with adult admins that dont want infinite number of useless/abuse punishments. Just a basic admin tool for banning/slaping/kick all in a handy menu or via console commands. BAT also works on any Source based game, and the fact that its is so basic it should not break on valve updates.

*Admin commands via Client Console
*Admin commands via Server Console
*Admin commands via Chat Console
*Admin menu
*Admin chat
*Admin login via Steamid / IP ( Tested with 1500+ admin accounts )
*Admin login via MySQL (amxbans,sourcebans, and own webinterface)
*Autorespond to public chat messages ( timeleft and nextmap )
*Votekick / voteban and from chat
*Mapvoting system ( Either via menu or chat )
*Add maps that are outside mapcycle to Admin menu
*Add maps that are outside mapcycle to vote menu
*Rockthevote system
*Reserved slots system
*Autoexec map config files ( like cfg/mapconfig/de_dust2.cfg )
*Automatic STEAM_ID_PENDING kicker
*Interface that allows other plugins to easy get admin information

Are moved to www.TheXSoft.com

Copyright (C) 2004-2007 Erling K. Sæterdal
Menu code based on code from CSDM ( http://www.tcwonline.org/~dvander/cssdm ) Created by BAILOPAN
Helping on misc errors/functions: BAILOPAN,karma,LDuke,sslice,devicenull,PMOnoT o,cybermind ( most who idle in #sourcemod on GameSurge realy )

Other credits:
Providing a http server to host downloads: FlyingMongoose ( www.flyingmongoose.net )
Providing a http server to host downloads: Rebel ( www.game-forge.net )
Providing a http server to host downloads: Viper( www.steamfriends.com )

*Dutch - Viper ( www.steamfriends.com )
*German - marwin
*Italian - Rebel
*Portuguese - sting

Admin commands:
admin - Shows admin menu
admin_addadmin <steamid> <admin flags> <admin name> - Adds a admin
admin_ban <Ban time> <name/#userid> <reason> - Bans a player
admin_banip <Ban time> <ip> <reason> - Bans a player
admin_chat <message> - Shows a message to all other admins
admin_csay <Message> - Shows a message on the center of the screen
admin_gag <name/#userid> - Gags the players ability to speak in chat
admin_help - Displays how to use the commands you have access to
admin_kick <name/#userid> <Reason> - Kicks a person
admin_list - Shows a list of all the players on the server
admin_loadrandomlevel - Loads a random map
admin_map <mapname> - Changes map, needs to be valid map on the server
admin_menu - Opens admin menu
admin_name <name/#userid> - Changes the name
admin_nextmap <map name> - Sets the nexmap ( map needs to be in mapcycle )
admin_psay <name/#userid> <message> - Sends a private message to someone
admin_rcon <command> - Runs a command in server console
admin_reload - Reloads BAT config files.
admin_rules <name/#userid> - Shows the rules to the target player
admin_say <Message> - Shows a message to every player ( Like regular chat)
admin_slap <name/#userid> <Damage> - slaps a user ( Cannot slay bots )
admin_slay <name/#userid> - Slays the player
admin_startmapvote - Manualy starts a rockthevote style vote
admin_team <name/#userid> <Team number> - Makes the the user change team
admin_unban <steamid> - Unbans the player
admin_unbanip <IP> - Unbans the player
admin_ungag <name/#userid> - Removes a gag
admin_vote "Question" "Command to run" - Runs a vote for all players
admin_voteban <name/#userid> - Starts a vote ban against a targeted player
admin_votekick <name/#userid> - Starts a vote kick against a targeted player

Works in empires mod:
admin_eject <name/#userid> or <nf/be> - Removes a player from commander in Empires ( Command does not function in other mods )

Works in sourceforts

Public Say commands are:
say timeleft
say /timeleft
say nextmap
say /nextmap
say #votekick
say #voteban

Admin chat commands:
admin_csay <message> - Prints a admin message
say @@ Colored Cender say to all players
say @ Regular admin say to all players
say_team @ Private message to admins

Admin commands via Chat:
say #<admin command> You can remove the admin_ part from the admin command
say #kick FakeEKS "Dont fakenick"

BAT Web Admin Panel 1.0.0 Beta 3

If your updateing your existing BAT installation check here but if its a new installation go here .


More information like online documentation, changelog and screenshots can be found on www.TheXSoft.com

Im wondering what way users want to get information regarding new versions, as i see it alternative are:
http://www.TheXSoft.com ( Has a RSS feed aswell )
This thread

html code and other buttons here
Github archive for plugins, the repos for the other c++ projects are there to.

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