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[CS:S] Gangs Mod - Jailbreak

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    Create and Lead the best Gangs on the server!
    Old 07-01-2013 , 05:36   [CS:S] Gangs Mod - Jailbreak
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    Gangs Mod - Jailbreak

    Use this mod to create and rule Gangs in your servers. I've created this mod because I saw that only one mod like this exists, and it's abandoned by the author.

    MySQL System

    * Create and Disband Gangs
    * Invite or Expel Gang Members
    * Unlimited Slot expension(controlable by CVar)
    * Gang Banks
    * Gang Ranks(supports Custom Ranks)
    * Gang Bonuses(Guns, Armor, Health, Grenades etc.)
    * Gang Privacy(Public or Private Gangs)
    * Gang Admin Menu
    * Gang Disband Passwords


    Download the attached zip archive and extract to your sourcemod folder. Then navigate to your configs/ directory and add the following entry in databases.cfg:

        "driver"        "mysql"
        "host"          "<your-database-host>"
        "database"      "<your-database-name>"
        "user"          "<username>"
        "pass"          "<password>"
    Next, navigate to configs/gangs/sql-init-scripts and execute gangs.sql in your database


    // Use Gang Banks? 1 = Yes, 0 = No
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    gangs_bank "1"
    // Decides how much credits will it cost to upgrade a bonus
    // -
    // Default: "1500"
    gangs_bonus_upgrade_credits "1500"
    // Decides how much credits will it cost to change a gang name
    // -
    // Default: "1000"
    gangs_changename_credits "1000"
    // Decides how many credits you need to create a new Gang
    // -
    // Default: "1500"
    gangs_create_credits "1500"
    // Decides how much credits will it cost to expend a gang
    // -
    // Default: "750"
    gangs_expend_credits_per_slot "750"
    // Define your Master Key here
    // -
    // Default: ""
    gangs_masterkey ""
    // If enabled everyone with Master Key will be able to control every Gang!
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    gangs_masterkey_use "1"
    // Maximum members that can be at a Gang (AFTER EXPENTION)
    // -
    // Default: "10"
    gangs_max_members "10"
    // Decides if anyone can disband a Gang with a password, or just the Leader
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    gangs_use_disband_pass "1"
    // Decides if Gangs will be using Ranks for permissions or everyone can do anything
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    gangs_use_ranks "1"
    !creategang - Creates a new Gang for 1500 credits(by default, editable). After typing creategang you should type your disband password in chat.

    !disbandgang - Used only when gangs_use_disband_pass is set to 0. Gives you the ability to disband a Gang as a Leader.

    !gang - Opens your Gang Main Menu, with info about your gang and features.

    !gangs - Opens a menu that shows all the Gangs on the server, if public, you can join a Gang from that menu.

    !gangmaster - Access the Gang Admin Menu with the Master Key you defined in the cfg.

    Known Bugs:

    1.0.0 - Initial Release
    1.0.1 - Added Translations, cleaned up code and make it a bit easier to read. TQuerys will come at the next version.

    Feel free to post suggestions and requests of new features.

    If you appreciate my work, feel free to Donate
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