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[CSS/CSGO] Revival 1.1.3 [2020/09/26]

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Old 05-17-2021 , 13:45   Re: [CSS/CSGO] Revival 1.1.3 [2020/09/26]
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Old 05-18-2021 , 14:44   Re: [CSS/CSGO] Revival 1.1.3 [2020/09/26]
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Hello, is there any way that the dead cannot revive? (If a dead TT, spec a CT and press E, revive nearby TTs)
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Old 05-25-2021 , 23:55   Re: [Revival] Reward 1.0.1
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Originally Posted by Grey83 View Post
Mac67, better in this way
Hi @Grey83, thanks for your great work updating this plugin.

I've two issues while testing it.

1) I'm not able to Download the plugin nor compile the sm_revival_reward.sp, I'm always getting an error "/home/groups/sourcemod/upload_tmp/phpzz2u12.sp(4) : fatal error 183: cannot read from file: "revival"
Compilation aborted.
1 Error."

2) When setting the (auto revive) option (with no key associated) it seems not to be working, you can just step over the dead player and nothing happens, do you have any hint?

I already tried to delete revival.cfg file so a new one is created after the new version of the plugin was installed, but without any luck.

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Old 05-26-2021 , 10:34   Re: [Revival] Reward 1.0.1
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Originally Posted by fgampel View Post
/home/groups/sourcemod/upload_tmp/phpzz2u12.sp(4) : fatal error 183: cannot read from file: "revival"
bkz you should use offline compiler (or online compiler which can use additional files for compilation) and drop to folder include file revival.inc from this comment.

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Old 06-03-2021 , 21:42   Re: [CSS/CSGO] Revival 1.1.3 [2020/09/26]
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is it possible to revive someone and not spawn a secondary with them? otherwise you get lots of secondary weapons on the floor if revived too many times.

just to be clear, what i want is:

player is holding a secondary weapon
player dies
player spawn and grab the weapon he dropped ( if he wants) but he doesnt get another glock/usp when revived.

Edit: i'm using sm_revival 1.1.3_fix always_allowed

in this version you made for me, you can revive players even at round end.


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