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[L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0.4a

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Fun Stuff
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Left 4 Dead
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    This plugin allows players to fight survivors VS survivors in teams of red and blue, with many features.
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    Unsupported + Menu Handle leak.
    Old 08-28-2010 , 09:00   [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0.4a
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    This is a based on a request made by searcher64 a while back

    Request thread

    This consists of having two teams 1 blue 1 red against each other, just watch the video below and you will know all of the features involved in this .
    Free for all gamemode added also, check this video for some of the features of this plugin.

    Check all the features here

    Check unedited Free for All gameplay here

    Try out
    If you would like to try the latest version of this mod join Abaddown's server which focuses only on this gamemode and is used for testing new features.
    The ip is, for those of you who dont know type "connect" in your l4d2 console to join it but remember its not my server so play nice ;).
    Thanks to him for hosting.

    How to use
    This is very simple, just copy the L4D2 Survivors Deathmatch.smx onto your server plugins folder, and then also copy the l4d2Teamdm.txt onto your gamedata folder, this is a must or no respawns etc. will work.

    I have only spent about 2 weeks on this because most of the code was straightforward or already in my files.
    As obvious as this is the l4d2 maps aren't as fun as for example a CS map would be, so if any of you guys have ported maps and at least a few people are interested in that specific map, i will add the spawns etc and make it work for this mode.
    the maps currently available are All but the passing(will add soon), i will add the spawns on the others soon.
    You need the gamedata to make this work(see below)
    I am aware that panxiaohai created a counter-strike plugin which takes a similar approach to what ive done.I created this because i had a ton of ideas and no other plugin was able to meet my requirements.
    This is not to be taken seriously as there will always be balance issues and this was made just for fun.

    BONUS gamemodes:
    The bonus gamemodes is a new part of the plugin which if active(through cvars) replaces 2nd rounds with different gametypes, the only TWO currently available to play are Infection and oddgnome.

    INFECTION:One player gets selected to become the alpha boomer and he then tries to vomit on people when someone gets vomited on they will become a boomer and this carries on untill everyone has become infected.
    Last player to get vomited on usually wins(unless a specific boomer vomits on most of the survivors and gets most points).

    ODDGNOME:in this specific gamemode gnome chompsky is spawned and players need to carry him to gain points in order to win, first player to 50(or modified score cvar) wins.
    The intention of this gamemode is to make all players chase the gnome and focus on the carrier at all times as well as causing havoc , idea was taken from Halo's Oddball.

    I AM CURRENTLY looking for new ideas for these modes so if you have any fun ones i would appreciate your help.

    if your able to have more than 8 players on your server then i recommend that you do as there is no player limit for this, the more the better imo.
    i recommend that you use Superversus or a similar spec plugin as the game gets forced into versus.
    you can find superversus here DDr's Superversus

    • Throw bile at each other and convert pipe bombs into grenades.
    • add light Kill bonuses, laser etc.
    //currently doing
    • Add damage amplifiers, for example headshots= more damage// not 100% working waiting for new sdk hooks which ontakedamage works properly with l4d2 :/
      Currently only detecting head shot when player has more than 39 health.
    • Add more classes//+1
    • limit number of players per class
    • Create gamemode called capture the gnome(CTG)
    • Create bonus gamemode called infection
    • Create FFA deathmatch
    • Improve spawning system(will do when all maps spawns are assigned)
    • Clean code
    • Remove tag mismatches on when compiled
    • Add custom class menu
    • Add Recoil for most weapons(without z_gun_kick)
    • Find a way to punish campers.
    • Remove weapons from the ground or find a way or survivors to pick them up without grabbing them
    • Add all main maps and a few custom ones 5/6 +1 custom

    Version history:
    - release

    -Fixed a few fairly rare issues, added a 5th class(heavy gun), added every single gun to the killfeed(searcher's idea), added damage multiplier cvar, tweaked damages,added first blood & headshot damage multiplier.
    Used atomic stryker's code for precaching weapons, thanks to him for that.

    -Added custom equipment option, added FFA(everyone against everyone) deathmatch, currently recommended is 10 players due to map sizes, added swamp fever and dead center, maps available now are Dark carnival, the parish dead center, swamp fever for both gamemodes., added pickup weapons back.
    plus a fair amount of other features.

    -Changed hitmarkers from purple to red
    added pipebomb and vomitjar throwables(Thanks Dj West)
    added hard rain map to the map cycle list 5/6(passing to do)
    added searcher's request hint message

    -increased default radius of pipe and vomitjar to a more suitable value
    increased chainsaw damage
    added molotov which creates a similar effect to smoker cloud
    and deals damage to players,thanks to atomic stryker for his smoker cloud plugin code and mommafish for the idea ;)
    added BONUS gamemodes cvars + 2 gamemodes INFECTION and OddGnome,these replace 2nd rounds if active(currently only available during Free for all, will activate for team later).
    improved the spawning/takeover code
    added shining on vomitjars(just a small effect)
    Added Jetpacks (can be turned on or off through cfg.full credit to madcap for his ghost fly plugin)
    plus a number of small fixes

    -Fixed grenades not working in team dm, small error removed also
    Currently the only small issue im aware off is when you throw a pipebomb you may see 2 blinking lights instead of 1, this does not affect the game at all.

    As usual i "borrowed" a fair ammount of code
    So here are the people that greatly helped me make this.

    searcher64 for the idea.

    Silvers for the winning team having trophies above their head
    Achievement trophy

    muukis for the bot takeover code, which keeps players human,
    Survivor bot takeover

    frool for his bebop which keeps bots spawning so players have corpses
    bebop additional coop players

    mortiegama and atomic stryker for the gamedata file which i know absolutely nothing about but was able to mix with muukis's .txt to enable respawning etcSurvivor respawning

    DJ WEST for his Incapped nade plugin, which i used to make pipes and vomitjar available for this.
    Thanks to all my friends that helped me test it .

    I may have forgotten someone so please let me know if i have.
    Attached Files
    File Type: txt l4d2Teamdm.txt (2.2 KB, 823 views)
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (L4D2 Survivors Deathmatch v1.0.4a.sp - 1314 views - 292.9 KB)

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    Old 08-28-2010 , 09:04   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch
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    I know it's hard....but if someone code the bots to shoot humans or bots on the opposing team then this plugin is uber.
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 09:49   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch
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    its not the same!!! urs is better!!! good job
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 11:17   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    This is very playable. Nice work Fleep. Im currently running it. I am updating to the new version now. I will post any issues here.
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 11:30   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    Nice plugin.
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 11:55   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    yeah nice pluggin when i hit restart chapter or campaign, my server crash!!! why?
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 12:34   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    i cant take any damage!!! this pluggin is awesome but it needs updates!!!
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 12:35   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    I map change with it. Post the server logs for him might help a little.
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 12:36   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    only time I seen no damage was cs weapons. was it by chance a cs weapon?
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    Old 08-28-2010 , 12:44   Re: [L4D2] Survivors Deathmatch 1.0
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    no css weapons!!! no damage from all weapons; i cant take any weapons found on the map; im not allowed!!! i love this pluggin but needs ore updates; the idea is great
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