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Low FPS and sluggish movement after reinstall

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Old 03-12-2020 , 08:39   Low FPS and sluggish movement after reinstall
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Hey guys! I've played CSGO for a while now and recently had to reinstall it because of steam. Now my mouse seems kinda sluggish and every now and then it feels like my sensitivity jumps from 1.52 to 3 (mostly about 0.5 to 1 second into mouse movement) , every second or so I get a short freeze frame and my FPS went from ~120 previously on highest settings (before the reinstall) to about 40 on lowest after the reinstall. I kinda hate that because my clan and I would like to play again and you can't play rifles (let alone the awp) with this performance. My specs are not the best for PCs today but here they are:

ASUS Nvidia GeForce GTX970 4GB 16 GB DDR3 RAM AMD RADEON FX 8370E 8x5.0 ghz 16mb Cache black Edition

I regularly clean my PC with air so airflow or cooling shouldn't be a problem. Also: My CPU usage with csgo reads about 30% and my Gpu clocks in at around 20% I have installed the latest GeForce drivers and tried optimizing CSGO with GeForce experience

Note: I only have this problem while playing CSGO or even just sitting in the main menu. I can play games like GTFO or GtaV no problem and only got small frame drops in games like Monster Hunter World (thenks to my nowadays underpowered graphics card) routerlogin 192.168.l.l

I'd like to fix this issue as soon as possible and I am grateful for any help that I get. Thanks in advance!

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Old 03-12-2020 , 13:06   Re: Low FPS and sluggish movement after reinstall
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A few things -
  1. Did you install the latest drivers from NVidia?
  2. What are your launch parameters for the game?
  3. Have you tried using Gefore to set your settings?
  4. Do you use the highest or lowest graphical settings?

P.s. I've reported this thread to be moved, this is not the place for this. This is for SourceMod discussion.
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