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[ANY/?] Gravity Controller

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The Team Ghost
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    It should work on source games/servers.
    Old 03-11-2020 , 07:30   [ANY/?] Gravity Controller
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    [ANY/?] Gravity Controller

    I've had this plugin on my laptop for past 2 years and never gotten around releasing it, so here it is.

    It should work on source games/servers, I've tested it on my own TF2 server back in the day.

    - Easy to use quick menu if no arguments were supplied.
    - You can quick set the parameters through the command arguments.

    sm_physics [client_side] [server_synced_entities] [entity_gravity]

    Arguments Explained:
    - client_side: Ragdolls and other entities not synced between other clients
    - server_synced_entities: Ammo packs/Weapons from which the location is synced between clients
    - entity_gravity: This is the same gravity you would normally set with sv_gravity console variable.
    I've noticed when setting values too far apart from the entity gravity may glitch the client_side.
    Try to keep the values of client_side and entity_gravity between 3000 of each other.
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    - Steam

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