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FF2 Kill Streak Tracker With FireEvent? (Halp)

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Old 02-21-2017 , 20:54   Kill Streak Tracker With FireEvent? (Halp)
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Hello, i saw SHADoW93's streaker plugin but i figured out it lacked the killtreak notification for every 5 kills at the top of the screen, so i tried to do something about it changing the code a bit, but there is a problem with it, here it is if you want to c it:

#pragma semicolon 1

#include <sourcemod>
#include <freak_fortress_2>

new LastKSCount[MAXPLAYERS+1];
new streak[MAXPLAYERS+1];
new Handle:DeathEvent;

new Handle:cvarKStreakDmg;

public void OnPluginStart()
	cvarKStreakDmg=CreateConVar("streaker_kstreak_dmg", "200", "Damage required to increase the killstreak counter", FCVAR_PLUGIN);

stock bool IsValidClient(int client)
	if (client <= 0 || client > MaxClients) return false;
	if (!IsClientInGame(client) || !IsClientConnected(client)) return false;
	if (IsClientSourceTV(client) || IsClientReplay(client) || IsFakeClient(client)) return false;
	return true;

public OnGameFrame()
	for(new client = 1; client <= MaxClients; client++)
		if (GetClientTeam(client)!=FF2_GetBossTeam() && IsValidClient(client) && IsClientInGame(client)) 
			streak[client]=((FF2_GetClientDamage(client)/GetConVarInt(cvarKStreakDmg)) - ((FF2_GetClientDamage(client) % GetConVarInt(cvarKStreakDmg))/GetConVarInt(cvarKStreakDmg)));		
			if (streak[client]>0) 
				DeathEvent = CreateEvent("player_death");
				SetEntProp(client, Prop_Send, "m_nStreaks", streak[client]);	
				SetEventInt(DeathEvent, "kill_streak_total", streak[client]);
				SetEventInt(DeathEvent, "kill_streak_wep", streak[client]);		
				SetEventInt(DeathEvent, "attacker", client);
			if(streak[client] % 5 == 0 && LastKSCount[client]!=streak[client])
	for(new boss; FF2_GetBossUserId(boss)!=-1; boss++)
		new clboss=GetClientOfUserId(FF2_GetBossUserId(boss));
		SetEventInt(DeathEvent, "userid", clboss);
The problem with this is that when the event is fired the boss instantly dies, is there a way to get the ks notification to work without this happening? It would be grateful if you could help me
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Old 02-22-2017 , 01:21   Re: Kill Streak Tracker With FireEvent? (Halp)
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I was trying the same, but FF2 sometimes acted strange with it, so I removed it again.

Anyways, try to add this:
PHP Code:
This does add the deathringer flag and should prevent the boss from dying.

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