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Is Amx 1.8.3 Stable?

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Old 08-16-2017 , 14:26   Re: Is Amx 1.8.3 Stable?
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Well, it's not that simple.

The next version is 1.9. It's a major version and it's expected to have a lot of changes. Though, the changelog is actually not that big. As I've probably said already, the goal is to make things more up-to-date because it's really needed, not to break things. To be honest, at the start, we were just trying to fix/improve things here and there and we ended with a fair share of internal & important changes because the more you dig in the code, the more you find real issues which need to be addressed.

A particular issue is we lack people (test/review), so the development is kind of slow. Sometimes everyone is busy/lazy for a while. Sometimes someone finds bugs and this can lead to a bunch of fixes/improvements/new stuff. Sometimes you want to update a plugin but you need to update the modules before. It can't be helped. Time flies fast. Believe me, sometimes it's really frustrating. The point is, before we knew, a lot of stuff was already merged. At this point, you can't just release an half-baked AMXX version. The next version became major, in the meaning, a lot of things everywhere have been touched. There is no real dramatic change. Full backward-compatibility is obviously kept, the dev version should perform better with the same behavior as the previous version, but we are human, we don't have enough feedbacks and sometimes a bug can pop up.

Actually, there are not much core/internal changes, some are enough important to involve a lot of code, but what is really big is the stuff for the developer, way too much, I agree and it's enough for this version. On the contrary, admin stuff has been kind of ignored. That's why, before we go in feature freeze state, I want at least update the plugins and offer some long-awaited features for admins, because each time they are ignored :P.

If you want to know the big plan is something like:

1) Finishing to write/format/check the release notes and API changes (this is quite the nightmare, I assure you), then posting on the wiki.
2) Making an announce we're still alive, some words about the next version, linking to the release notes, and asking some help (test/review/pr/etc).
3) Opening Issues tab on Github because everyone hates or doesn't know bugtracker.
4) Trying to update/add stuffs for admins.
5) Declaring the version is now feature freeze and maybe inviting more people to test the dev version.
6) After a while, preparing the release (doc, installer, translations, etc.)
7) Releasing finally the shit and dying in peace.
8) Announcing future release will be on a rolling cycle, like SourceMod, because it makes sense.
9) And after that, that would a great step.
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Old 08-16-2017 , 18:01   Re: Is Amx 1.8.3 Stable?
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I'll be glad to test the latest dev version, but I'm honest saying there are a lot of changes and I don't know from where I can start. I discovered a few issues on newmenues but after doing a large research on its code, I'm not imaginating how awful will be the entire changes. So, dont you have a list with things to test? I mean, something possible broken, new algorithms, etc
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You're right Metalicross
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Old 08-19-2017 , 08:10   Re: Is Amx 1.8.3 Stable?
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Originally Posted by Arkshine View Post
3) Opening Issues tab on Github because everyone hates or doesn't know bugtracker.
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