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[Linux] Source Query Proxy: DDoS Protection - Kernel redirection!

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Old 04-17-2020 , 13:45   Re: [Linux] Source Query Proxy: DDoS Protection - Kernel redirection!
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Originally Posted by insanedude View Post
Waiting for some documentation as I'm struggling to make it work.

Python 3.7 (pip 18.1) installed. However, /etc/sqproxy doesn't exist. I'd assume we need to manually create it.
That's fine. Created those.
I saw this setting in the yaml file:

"# Automatically run eBPF redirection
  executable: 'python2'"
But why, since the requirement is "Python 3.7 or above"?
Do any additional changes need to be done on those files, except the IP binds and ports?

For example, does "network" within the dummy-game need to be configured?

On the "eBPF" part, I don't quite get the first point. Which should the target directory be? Can you give an example please?

PS. Running this on a test VM.. so i can break stuff and do some additional testing if needed
eBPF part has own documentation. And python2 or python3 is depends on bcc-tools installation way.
You can install bcc-tools as system package and it can be installed as for py2 or py3. Or you can manually build, and again for py2 or py3. This is why i add option to set executable.

Python3.7 it's requirement for sqproxy app, not for sqproxy eBPF part.

Please see config examples again, it's very simple. In common you only need set IP in global defaults and ports for each server in servers section.
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