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Old 03-18-2004 , 17:39   Install
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putting amxx on my server. i upload the package ive downloaded (linux), change the mm version, update the mm plugins.ini. liblist,gam is how it says it should be in the help files. The server wont come back online after i reboot it. MM is running fine.

What the hell do i do?


i get this error when i try meta refresh with the files in place.

21:44:41 [META] Refreshing the plugins on demand...
21:44:41 [META] ini: Begin re-reading plugins list: /home/gameserv/hlserver/server2/cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini
21:44:41 [META] ini: Read plugin config for: <amxx_mm_i386.so>
21:44:41 [META] ERROR: ini: Skipping malformed line 3 of /home/gameserv/hlserver/server2/cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini
21:44:41 [META] ini: Finished reading plugins list: /home/gameserv/hlserver/server2/cstrike/addons/metamod/plugins.ini; Found 1 plugins
21:44:41 [META] dll: Updating plugins...
21:44:41 [META] ERROR: dll: Failed query plugin '<amxx_mm_i386.so>'; Couldn't open file 'addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm_i386.so': addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm_i386.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
21:44:41 [META] ERROR: dll: Skipping plugin '<amxx_mm_i386.so>'; couldn't query
21:44:41 AMX Mod X log file started (file "addons/amxx/logs/L0318000.log") (version "0.15")
21:44:41 [META] dll: Loaded plugin 'AMX Mod X': AMX Mod X v0.15 Mar 15 2004, AMX Mod X Dev Team
21:44:41 [META] dll: Finished updating 2 plugins; kept 0, loaded 1, unloaded 0, reloaded 0, delayed 0
and it then crashes and wont restart


game "Counter-Strike"
url_info "www.counter-strike.net"
url_dl ""
version "1.6"
size "184000000"
svonly "0"
secure "1"
type "multiplayer_only"
cldll "1" 
hlversion "1110"
nomodels "1"
nohimodel "1"
mpentity "info_player_start"
// "dlls\mp.dll"
gamedll_linux "addons/metamod/dlls/metamod_i386.so"
trainmap "tr_1"

linux addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm_i386.so
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Old 03-18-2004 , 18:30  
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What is your modules.ini ?
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Old 03-18-2004 , 18:35  
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; AMX Mod X Modules; You can specify both linux & win32 modules here
;;Use i686 instead of i386 to use glibc2.3 optimized binaries

; Fun - This has extra functions for "extra" stuff

; Engine - This has engine functions core to half-life

; MySQL - This adds MySQL connection support

; Counter-Strike - This adds functions specific to Counter-Strike

; CS Stats - This adds functionality for CS statistical information
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Old 03-19-2004 , 11:25  
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is it that problem mentioned in another thread whereby if you have the dir tree looking like addons/amxx and addons/metamod, then metamod will load but amxx wont?
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Old 03-19-2004 , 11:33  
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There is no such problem. If the file exists, it will load.
If you can definitively verify that "addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm_i386.so" exists and that your metamod plugins.ini file says "linux addons/amxx/dlls/amxx_mm_i386.so", I can't see why there'd be a problem.
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Old 03-19-2004 , 11:56  
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well thats what they said, the file was there and there was a problem...

is this release glib 2.2 only?
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