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[L4D2] New Coop GameMode: Protect the VIP【Multiplayer Only】【Unapproved】

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Left 4 Dead
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    Life and Death - The Guard Ranks
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    No plugin attached
    Old 06-04-2021 , 14:37   [L4D2] New Coop GameMode: Protect the VIP【Multiplayer Only】【Unapproved】
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    NEEDS left4dhooks

    A NEW mode of coop,
    at first, the first survival leaved start area will be the VIP, then all the others survivals become incapacitated with a magnum pistol also cannot be revived(doing that is no useful), but won't lose health continuously self.
    The 3 or more guards have to pretect the VIP to the extraction point.
    the guards press jump can teleport to VIP once each 8.0 seconds(break through the terrain limit).
    the VIP press slowalk to gather all guards once each 16.0 secones.

    MUST Enable Down-Crawling, by the internal cvar.
    use this plugin for more comfortable

    sm_cvar survivor_allow_crawling 1
    sm_cvar survivor_crawl_speed 160 // this to adjust crawling speed.

    Multiplayer Only, cause the bot has no NAV for Down-Crawling!
    Can not run in some Third-Part-Maps cause these maps may have no start area!
    When the VIP disconnected, automatic be DOWN!
    Also enable in VERSUS mode, but if a bot became to the VIP, you are almostly to Vote to restart the round!

    1.2.5update:lower teleport CD a lot.
    1.2.4update:change the teleport height
    1.2.3update:improve detection

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    Old 06-04-2021 , 16:37   Re: [L4D2] Life and Death - The Guard Ranks【Multiplayer Only】
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    Can you please make the text on all your plugin threads smaller? The big text is so distracting and annoying to read.
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