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[TF2] Presents! (v0.5.1, fixed major bug)

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Fun Stuff
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Team Fortress 2
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    Adds Presents to Team Fortress 2 that give temporary special effects
    Reason for Unapproving:
    Multiple errors and crash issues reported. Author hasn't posted in thread in last 7 months.
    Old 07-18-2009 , 17:48   [TF2] Presents! (v0.5.1, fixed major bug)
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    Presents! v0.5.1
    Updated July 19, 2009

    What is Presents!
    Presents! is a plugin for Team Fortress 2 which adds Presents that give you random special effects.

    Presents randomly appear when you kill people. When you grab a present you are given a temporary effect. Most effects give you a slight advantage, at a price, while others are just silly. I've tried to keep the effects mild such that they would not affect gameplay too severely (e.g. there are no instant kills, all crits, invincibility). I've also tried to give a certain personality to the effects through sounds, particle effects, etc.

    Version History
    	Balance Tweaks
    	- Instant Sentry ammo increased slightly
    	- Fixed bug that would prevent the last person on a full server from grabbing presents
    	- Changed convar "sm_presents_use_maps" to "sm_presents_maps_only"
    	Balance Tweaks
    	- Dance Fever now lasts for 2 taunts
    	- Lucky Sandwich healing increased from 50 HP to 100 HP
    	- Superspicy Curry now heals 50 HP
    	- Hot Air Balloon gravity increased from 10% normal gravity to 15%
    	- Invisibility Paint duration decreased from 15 seconds to 10 seconds
    	- Invisibility Paint visibility increased from 2% of normal to 4%
    	- Dracula's Heart duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds
    	- Added Custom Votes config for voting for enabling random drops (votepresents in chat)
    	- Added config file "presents/effects.cfg" to enable/disable effects (more options are planned)
    	- Added config file "presents/maps.cfg" to specify maps that random drops should be enabled on
    	- Added convar "sm_presents_use_maps [0/1]" to enable random drops only on maps defined in the configuration file
    		- Note: Presents! will always use the map specific effect configs even if this convar is disabled
    			(e.g. if you want to disable Teleporter on multi-stage maps)
    	- Added announcement on map load for whether random drops are enabled
    	- Changed Lucky Sandwich description to be clearer about the free critical
    	- Partial support for translations (presents.phrases.txt)
    	- Fixed major bug related to "Dracula's Heart" that prevented presents from
    	  being grabbed
    	- Initial testing release
    How do I install?
    Install the latest version of SourceMod.

    Copy the addons folder into your tf folder.

    What are the effects?
    Currently there are 17 effects:

    Lucky Sandwich (lasts until next shot)
    "A sandwich made with love. It's your lucky day!"

    - +100 HP or overheal
    - Next shot always crits!

    Hot Air Balloon (15 seconds)
    "You feel as light as a feather"

    - 15% normal gravity
    - Party balloons pop out of you constantly

    Instant Sentry (10 seconds)
    "Just add water!"

    - Spawns level 1 Sentry where you are standing
    - You don't clip your own Sentry
    - Low ammo (enough to do 110-120 damage)
    - Dies after 10 seconds

    Ink Pot (20 seconds)
    "Instant camouflage!"

    - Colours you black

    Running Shoes (20 seconds)
    "You feel a spring in your step"

    - Scout speed
    - Trail of fire left behind you (no gameplay effects)

    Superspicy Curry (10 seconds)
    "Share this hot dish with the enemy!"

    - +50 HP or overheal
    - You are ignited
    - Anyone you hurt gets ignited too

    Invisibility Paint (15 seconds)
    "New from ACME Corporation"

    - 98% invisibility (people can still see blood on you, etc)

    Feeling Strange (20 seconds)
    "You feel a little strange..."

    - Increases your FOV (Field of View) to 160

    Dance Fever (lasts for 2 forced taunts)
    "You've caught dance fever! It's contagious..."

    - Forced to taunt twice
    - Anyone who hurts you during this time catches Dance Fever

    Traffic Cone (20 seconds)
    "You now have a traffic cone on your head for some reason"

    - Attaches a traffic cone to your head
    - Blocks your view somewhat

    Hot Head (20 seconds)
    "Your hair spontaneously combusted"

    - Lights your hair on fire, spewing smoke
    - No actual gameplay effects

    Earthquake Pills (15 seconds)
    "Warning: Does not work on Road Runners"

    - Shakes your screen like an Earthquake
    - Affects people around you

    Flubber Bullets (20 seconds)
    "Flying rubber! They pack quite a punch."

    - Massive knockback on shots
    - Able to rocketjump/stickyjump higher

    Teleporter (wears off once you teleport)
    "Who knows where you'll end up?"

    - Teleports you to a random ammo/healthkit
    - Creates a portal where you appear that can send you back in 10 seconds
    (e.g. if you get stuck on a wall)

    Nostalgia (20 seconds)
    "Just like the good ol' days!"

    - Black & White vision

    Dracula's Heart (15 seconds)
    "Leech the life of your foes"

    - Heal when you hurt enemies (like the Blutsauger)

    Ring of Conflict (20 seconds)
    "Everyone seems to have it out for you"

    - Makes everyone think you're dominating them
    - Makes you think everyone is dominating you
    What are the convars?
    		Presents! version
    	sm_presents_enable [0/1]
    		Enables or disables Presents! (must be enabled to give effects
    		even if you don't want random presents)
    	sm_presents_drop_enable [0/1]
    		Enables or disables presents randomly dropping when you kill someone
    	sm_presents_drop_chance [0.0-1.0]
    		Chance that a present will drop when you kill someone
    	sm_presents_arena_drop_chance [0.0-1.0]
    		Chance that a present will drop when you kill someone in arena mode
    	sm_presents_announce [0, 1, 2]
    		Mode for announcing present effects in chat (0 = off, 1 = player only, 2 = all)
    	sm_presents_maps_only [0/1]
    		Enable random drops only on maps defined in the configuration file
    What are the config files?
    All config files are located in "addons/sourcemod/configs/presents/"

    Lets you enable or disable individual effects (e.g. Dance Fever). These use the internal names for effects which should remain constant.

    Lets you specify what maps to enable/disable random present drops on (e.g. 2fort). Also allows you to specify a specific drop chance for each map and enable/disable individual effects.

    Use the convar sm_presents_maps_only to set whether you want maps that are not in maps.cfg to have presents enabled or disabled. For example, if it is set to 1 the maps.cfg could be used as a whitelist (e.g. only enable presents on ctf_2fort). If it is set to 0 the maps.cfg could be used as a blacklist (e.g. do not enable presents on cp_dustbowl). In either case you can specifically enable/disable each map using maps.cfg.

    A vote config is included for Custom Votes. It should allow players to vote enable random present drops.

    See presents.phrases.txt in "addons/sourcemod/translations/". If anyone is willing to help let me know.

    If for any reason this version has a serious issue, feel free to try out the old version that's had quite a bit of testing.

    Make sure to read the readme.
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (presents.sp - 2582 views - 83.8 KB)

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    Old 07-18-2009 , 17:52   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    Cool idea, nice work. Almost identical idea to the "popcorn mod" already released but anyways.
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 17:53   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    you should list the effects you can get
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 18:06   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    Originally Posted by retsam View Post
    Cool idea, nice work. Almost identical idea to the "popcorn mod" already released but anyways.
    This mod was inspired by both Popcorn and RTD, among other things. The difference I see is that Popcorn, being a conversion of Rune Mod to TF2, is focused more on permanent effects that each player collects and is able to take from their fallen enemies. That creates a whole new playstyle revolving around finding the better powers and trying to keep them. Or at least that's how I think it works.

    Presents on the other hand is strictly temporary. Not to mention half the effects don't even help you at all.

    Originally Posted by Dragonshadow
    you should list the effects you can get
    I did include a link to the full list. Including the list itself makes the post a tad tall.
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 18:19   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    I was just messing with it, it all seems to work. Nice job. I didnt even know you could do some of this stuff, like make peoples screens black&white lol.

    The cone shit is hilarious.

    In my personal opinion, I think you went to too much of the "mild" side of things. Need a little bit more "punch" to them. Like the sentry one. You should just spawn it with the normal amount of ammo. The very minimal ammo you gave it makes it almost useless.

    The hothead roll doesnt have any effects. You should add something to that. Why not just set them on fire for a negative effect? The cool particle attached to their heads with being on fire is a cool visual...

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    Old 07-18-2009 , 18:33   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    This is great! There's tons of effects, but are we going to expect more?
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 19:10   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    Another suggestion:

    You might consider changing the way you do the maps.cfg to enable maps. You should do the opposite imo. Youre making more work for admins to have to edit the maps config to add maps to be enabled.

    You should do the reverse of that and make the maps.cfg the blacklist of maps that the plugin is DISABLED on instead. Its less work for admins and probably easier to manage on servers who constantly add maps. Its easy to disable maps, rather than have a big config where you gotta list all the maps you want enabled.

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    Old 07-18-2009 , 21:14   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    I've been using this and love it, way better than rtd. The difference between this and popcorn is you don't have to bind keys for this. Like retsam said, please give the sentry normal ammo, as it's useless. Could you add 100% crits or unlimited ammo to this also? and dance party, or whatever you call it is extremely rage inducing. Whenever somebody gets it, half the server is taunting because they don't know what is going on. Please add a cvar to disable this, possibly cvars to enable and disable all effects individually.
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 21:46   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    He already has cvars to do that heh. effects.cfg <----
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    Old 07-18-2009 , 22:14   Re: [TF2] Presents!
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    Oh this is awesome, its like rtd, just not as shitty! (Balance breaking upgrade effects, etc)
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