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Gunxpmod Extra Levels

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I am using gunxpmod and i removed all the unlocks, because i want to be able to add extra levels and add new weapons to the extra levels (Lvl 0:glock, Lvl 1:usp, Lvl 2:p228, Lvl 3:fiveseven, Lvl 4:deagle, Lvl 5:elites, lvl 6:Colt Trooper MK. III.

I also can't change the amount of xp needed to level up. Here is the first part of my gunxpmod.sma file:
#include "gunxpmod.cfg"

#include <biohazard>
#if defined ZOMBIE_PLAGUE
#include <zombieplague>

#include <amxmodx>
#include <amxmisc>
#include <fakemeta>
#include <fun>
#include <cstrike>
#include <nvault>
#include <sqlx>
#include <hamsandwich>

#define PLUGIN "Gun Xp Mod"
#define AUTHOR "xbatista"
#define VERSION "2.3"

#define TASK_SHOW_LEVEL 10113
#define fm_cs_set_user_nobuy(%1) set_pdata_int(%1, 235, get_pdata_int(%1, 235) & ~(1<<0) ) //no weapon buy

new PlayerXp[33];
new PlayerLevel[33];

new g_Vault;
new g_remember_selection[33], g_kills[33], g_remember_selection_pistol[33];
new g_maxplayers, g_msgHudSync1, SayTxT, enable_grenades;
new levelspr, levelspr2, show_level_text, show_rank;
new savexp, save_type, xp_kill, xp_triple, enable_triple, triple_kills, xp_ultra, ultra_kills, enable_ultra, p_Enabled, level_style;
new enable_admin_xp, admin_xp;

/*============================================ ====================================
[MySQLx Vars, other]
============================================= ====================================*/
new Handle:g_hTuple;

new mysqlx_host, mysqlx_user, mysqlx_db, mysqlx_pass;

new const szTables[][] =
"CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `mytable` ( `player_id` varchar(32) NOT NULL,`player_level` int( default NULL,`player_xp` int(16) default NULL,PRIMARY KEY (`player_id`) ) TYPE=MyISAM;"

new const WEAPONCONST[MAXLEVEL][] = { "weapon_glock18", "weapon_usp", "weapon_p228", "weapon_fiveseven", "weapon_deagle", "weapon_elite", "weapon_deagle", "weapon_tmp",
"weapon_mac10", "weapon_ump45", "weapon_mp5navy", "weapon_p90", "weapon_scout", "weapon_awp", "weapon_famas", "weapon_galil", "weapon_m3", "weapon_xm1014",
"weapon_ak47", "weapon_m4a1", "weapon_aug", "weapon_sg552", "weapon_sg550", "weapon_g3sg1", "weapon_m249"
}; // Give Weapons

new const WEAPONMDL[MAXLEVEL][] = { "models/w_glock18.mdl", "models/w_usp.mdl", "models/w_p228.mdl", "models/w_fiveseven.mdl", "models/w_deagle.mdl", "models/w_elite.mdl", "models/v_ColtTrooperMKIII.mdl", "models/w_tmp.mdl",
"models/w_mac10.mdl", "models/w_ump45.mdl", "models/w_mp5.mdl", "models/w_p90.mdl", "models/w_scout.mdl", "models/w_awp.mdl", "models/w_famas.mdl", "models/w_galil.mdl", "models/w_m3.mdl", "models/w_xm1014.mdl",
"models/w_ak47.mdl", "models/w_m4a1.mdl", "models/w_aug.mdl", "models/w_sg552.mdl", "models/w_sg550.mdl", "models/w_g3sg1.mdl", "models/w_m249.mdl"
}; // Blocks pick up weapon, don't change!

new const AMMOCONST[MAXLEVEL] = { 17, 16, 1, 11, 26, 10, 23, 7, 12, 19, 30, 3, 18,
15, 14, 21, 5, 28, 22, 8, 27, 13, 24, 20
}; // Weapons ID(CSW) don't change!
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