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[HELP] Set Player's Name Color

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Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
There's a few ways but you would just be replicating what the chat processor already does? You would need to essentially recreate the processor and it's work-around fixes included that help developers create plugins that change chat messages.

I have a light weight Chat processor here: https://github.com/MitchDizzle/Cider...atProcessor.sp
It's essentially a rip off of Chat-Processor by Drixevel, however doesn't try to be too fancy with the color includes so it uses less memory and relies more on the chat color plugin to decide the hex colors and unicodes etc. My version also removes some of the convars and other nice features and sticks to what I needed which was dead/team chat etc. Also has its own way of using the template to replace the message and name to construct the message.

Friendly reminded to run only one chat processor at a time.
Hi one more time, thanks for all your replies and help at all. I use the drixevel one, but I'll try yours in another server. Thanks!

Besr Regards,

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