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Jukebox v1.1

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Houssam Benmouna
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Old 06-03-2017 , 12:47   Re: Jukebox v1.1
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Old 03-05-2019 , 10:39   Re: Jukebox v1.1
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Replaced a ":" with ";" so the plugin compiles normally now
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Old 09-10-2019, 12:45
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Old 09-10-2019 , 12:48   Re: Jukebox v1.1
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Originally Posted by wicked95 View Post
Description: With this plugin you can play songs throu a motd window. Plugin reads an .ini file for the songs. The songs in the menu can be aranged by genre. There's a hud time for the song playing + timeline. You can put an amount of songs in a queue and let them be played one by one while playing. Players have a hud customisation menu. They can move the hud up/down/left/right/center it or just hide the hud. There's an option in the menu where players can request songs to be added in the server. An admin with the required flag can view and delete the requeest file from the game console.

Other plugins may interfear with this one. If you use another plugin that uses motd please include the attached include file to the plugin and in the code after showing the motd to a player insert stop_song(player id) so that the plugin can stop the hud time counting. If u don't the song will be stopped but the hud timer will go on.

/jukebox | /music | /mp3 - opens the main menu
/play - plays the song
/stop - stops the song
/next - plays the next song in the queue
/showsong - show the song you're currently listening to the other players in the server
/replay - turns on/off repeat current song option

Admin Commands:
amx_requests - prints the requested songs from other players in the console
amx_del_requests - deletes the requests file

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Q7QCp

  • v1.1 Added Option to add/edit/remove songs from the main menu in game.(menu item only shows to players with the defined flag)
  • v1.0 Plugin Release


Helloo mate, i have one problem with your plugin.. Look DOWN!


- Why does it say: "Connecting to media..." and why it doesn't work?

I can't play everyone music in my list, why? And do you have solution for that?
Please help me mate!!

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