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Phoneburnia Redux

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General Purpose
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Half-Life 2 Deathmatch
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    Plugin Description:
    A recreation of an old build plugin
    Reason for Unapproving:
    No source code, upload source and use the Report Post button for a new review.
    Old 10-20-2018 , 02:43   Phoneburnia Redux
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    Generic Feature Rundown:
    • Prop spawning and ownership
    • Prop feature and attribute management
    • Build commands
    • Trusted & Untrusted listing
    • Included prop list for !spawn, untrusted restricted list available as well. (data/phoneburnia/prop_names.ini) and (data/phoneburnia/untrusted_props.ini)
    • Prop list structuring: "alias" "entity_name^modelpath" - example: "bench" "prop_physics_override^models/props_c17/bench01a.mdl"

    Database Configuration:
    Phoneburnia Redux uses SQLite for the trusted list. Configuring this is very easy, by simply adding a section to the file located at: addons/sourcemod/configs/databases.cfg
    	"driver"			"sqlite"
    	"host"				"localhost"
    	"database"			"phoneburnia"
    	"user"				"root"
    	"pass"			""
    Server Variables (cvar):
    // Maximum props for untrusted
    // -
    // Default: "35"
    phoneburnia_maxprops "35"

    // Maximum props for trusted
    // -
    // Default: "400"
    phoneburnia_maxtrustedprops "400"
    Command Listing:
    Admin Commands:
    • sm_createentity - Create an entity by classname - Generic Flag
    • sm_clean - Clean the map of all spawned props - Generic Flag
    • sm_delall - Delete all the props an individual player has spawned - Generic Flag
    • sm_goto - Teleport to a player - Generic Flag
    • sm_bring - Teleport a player to your crosshair - Generic Flag
    • sm_teleport - Teleport a player to another player - Generic Flag
    • sm_addtrusted - Add a player to the trusted list - Generic Flag
    • sm_removetrusted - Remove a player from the trusted list - Generic Flag
    • sm_setowner - Set the owner of a prop or entity to a player - Generic Flag
    • sm_airboat - Spawn an Airboat - Generic Flag

    Player Commands:
    • sm_freezeit - Freeze a prop in place
    • sm_unfreezeit - Unfreeze a prop
    • sm_noclip - Enable noclip
    • sm_nokill - Enable godmode
    • sm_copy - Copy a model's name
    • sm_paste - Paste a model
    • sm_spawn - Spawn a prop from the proplist
    • sm_spawncount - Check your remaining prop allocation
    • sm_dupe - Duplicate a prop
    • sm_trail - Set a trail on something
    • sm_skin - Set the skin of a prop
    • sm_move - Move a prop, X/Y/Z
    • sm_rotate - Rotate a prop, X/Y/Z
    • sm_straighten - Reset a prop to default angles
    • sm_delete - Delete a prop
    • sm_collide - Enable prop collision
    • sm_nocollide - Disable prop collision
    • sm_weld - Weld a prop to another prop (parent)
    • sm_unweld - Un/Deweld a prop from another (unparent)
    • sm_what - Check the owner of a prop
    • sm_whom - Check the owner of a prop
    • sm_propowner - Check the owner of a prop
    • sm_owner - Check the owner of a prop
    • sm_paint - Set the color of a prop, RGBA OR #HEXHEX

    1.0.1 - 10/20/2018 - Bugfix on sm_nokill
    1.0 - 10/20/2018 - Initial Release
    Attached are two things: Just the plugin (for updates, or in case you lost the .sp or .smx) and the archive .zip, which is for fresh install and includes the prop lists

    Want something written, revised, removed or altered in this? Let me know. I do custom and private requests as well.

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    Old 10-20-2018 , 02:51   Re: Phoneburnia Redux
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    Wow! Nice release!!
    Taking paid private requests! Add me on steam!

    Discord: Cruze#4947 | AlliedModders Releases | Github | Steam | PayPal
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    Old 07-06-2019 , 17:40   Re: Phoneburnia Redux
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    Just in case anyone was looking for this.
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