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Delaying an Event

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Old 04-02-2017 , 07:19   Delaying an Event
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I'm trying to delay the Event message popup for when the HHH boss spawns. I need to block the original message and make a new one around 3 seconds later. The below code loops into itself by blocking the event and then creates a new event that loops back into being blocked. How could I write this to achieve what I want?
HookEvent("pumpkin_lord_summoned", Event_HHH_Spawned, EventHookMode_Pre);

public Action Event_HHH_Spawned(Event event, const char[] name, bool dontBroadcast)
    CreateTimer(3.0, Timer_HHH_Delay_Message);
    return Plugin_Handled;
public Action Timer_HHH_Delay_Message(Handle timer) {

    Handle event = CreateEvent("pumpkin_lord_summoned");

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Old 04-02-2017 , 09:13   Re: Delaying an Event
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One way would be to use a global boolean to set whether to allow the next event to fire. Set it to false at your plugin's start, set it to true before firing the event, and set it back false after firing. In your event handler, only block the event if it's false.
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Old 04-02-2017 , 20:00   Re: Delaying an Event
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This seems to work, thanks!
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