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[DEV] Cider Chat Processor

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    yes, another one
    Old 04-08-2019 , 17:50   [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    Cider Chat Processor

    Just another SayText2 hook and forward plugin. The reason this exists is primarily because I've had so many issues with the other chat processors available. I needed something that could also change the recipients before any other plugin added chat colors etc, and manage dead chat properly. Also needed it to disable say_team theoretically, so the other team can see it (without the prefix of (TEAM)).

    This plugin contains a few bug fixes that other processors do not contain that should prevent any exploits of players adding colors to their chat without help from a server plugin.

    This is pretty much a simpler version of r3dw3r3w0lf's Chat Processor plugin, I've been sitting on this for a few years now and figured since I finished my own chat plugin I'll need to release this also.

    This plugin is just a forwarder and will strip all unicode characters < 17 (except the terminator) from the name and message. This also doesn't use random crap includes like color variables, why the hell would a SayText2 forwarder need to assign colors anyways, that's the job for the plugin that it's forwarding to... /rant

    Keep in mind this was created with TF2 testing, I only did minimal testing on csgo and haven't tried some of the changes I've pushed recently.

    Also Special thanks to Drixevel and his processor, if the changes I needed weren't so different this would have just been a pull request to his processor.

    Why 'Cider'
    When creating this I was drinking some cider. Yee yee

    Server Operator ConVar Config
    //Enable Cider Chat Processor
    sm_ccp_enable "1"   
    //Name of the message formats config, incase you have some where else you want to put this?
    sm_ccp_config "configs/chat_processor.cfg"
    //Dead chat is seen by alive players.
    // (WARNING) a module plugin can use CCP_OnChatMessagePre or CCP_OnChatMessage to change the array of recipients.
    sm_ccp_deadchat "1"     
    //Team chat isn't seen by other team
    // 0 - Disabled, say_team isn't converted to All Chat.
    // 1 - No Filter, all team's say_team is converted to All Chat.
    // 2 - Team 2's chat is converted to All Chat.
    // 3 - Team 3's chat is converted to All Chat.
    sm_ccp_teamchat "0"
    Developer Forwards
    * Called before CCP_OnChatMessage, useful to check the author and stop the message or change whose in the recipients ArrayList.
    * flagstring can also be changed to make the message appear from an alive person etc.
    * recipients contains userIds, by default it is filled matching the processors config file.
    forward Action CCP_OnChatMessagePre(int& author, ArrayList recipients, char[] flagstring);
    * Called while sending a chat message before It's sent to all recipients.
    * This is where a chat manager plugin can change the name and message to add colors etc.
    * Changing author to -1 will make {03} purple instead of team color (On CS:GO engine).
    forward Action CCP_OnChatMessage(int& author, ArrayList recipients, char[] flagstring, char[] name, char[] message);
    * Called after the chat message is sent to the designated clients by the author.
    forward void CCP_OnChatMessagePost(int author, ArrayList recipients, const char[] flagstring, const char[] formatstring, const char[] name, const char[] message);
    Releases (Plugin)
    GitHub (Source)

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    Old 04-08-2019 , 17:59   Re: [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    nice release
    (soon to be) Retired Sourcemod Coder
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    Old 04-08-2019 , 19:29   Re: [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    Added in thanks message to Drixevel for his chat-processor this was base off of.
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    Old 04-09-2019 , 09:26   Re: [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    2011: OnChatMessage
    2012: OnChatMessage
    2016: CP_OnChatMessage
    2019: CCP_OnChatMessage
    2048: CCCCCCCCCCCCCP_OnChatMessage

    Anyway, sounds like we are blessed with a lot of your creations, thanks.

    I didn't find any logic way of the growing of 'C' every years.

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    Old 04-09-2019 , 10:23   Re: [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    Nice Thank you.
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    Old 04-12-2019 , 18:47   Re: [DEV] Cider Chat Processor
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    Release v1.0.3 Changelog:
    • Fixed issue with team chat not properly handling the color unicodes
    • Default behavior without a chat manager will set the color back to default after the name.

    Github Tag
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