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[C++] [HLSDK] Documentation or anything?

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Old 02-07-2011 , 17:38   [C++] [HLSDK] Documentation or anything?
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Hello, it has been a while. I figured this board comes closest to what I need help with.

I'm working with the HLSDK right now and wondered if there is any such thing as an introductory tutorial about or documentation on where to look for which things and what's the system/structure behind this bloat of cpp and header files even. I have gradually figured out stuff but when I want a specific feature/method I end up searching in the code for hours without finding what I am looking for.

Specifically, just now I was looking for a way to register a server command and hook it to a function, but couldn't find anything for that.

I also was hoping to find a simple comment block explaining server flow, like what can be considered an entry point for the mod and which functions are wandered in which order on server start, on mapchange/-load, on servershutdown and on exit, but nothing like that is to be found anywhere.

Also no information about what data structures are used, where which data is stored and how it is managed.

C++ - no problem. Utilizing a well-documented set of classes or stock methods or API - bring it on! Grasping what Valve did here - Please spare my life!! D:

I'd greatly appreciate help or an explanation about that, but even better would be a tutorial or documentation.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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