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CSS - Chat Problem

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Mata Patos
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Old 08-07-2014 , 14:48   CSS - Chat Problem
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Hello guys,

I have a problem. When a non admin Player ( normal player ) types anything in chat ( y ) we can't see what he type. Only if he types in Team Chat ( u ).
In chat and consola appears this:
[SM] You are now muted, you will be unmuted at the end of the round.

Can you help me? Thanks,

Listing 8 plugins:
[01] SourceMod (1.6.1-dev+4546) by AlliedModders LLC
[02] DoS Protect ( by ZombieX2.net
[03] QCache Plugin ( by ivailosp
[04] Server Secure - Files Only (1.0.0) by AzuiSleet (mod by asherkin)
[05] CS Tools (1.6.1-dev+4546) by AlliedModders LLC
[06] SDK Tools (1.6.1-dev+4546) by AlliedModders LLC
[07] SDK Hooks (1.6.1-dev+4546) by AlliedModders LLC
[09] SteamTools (0.8.3) by Asher Baker (asherkin)

sm plugins list
[SM] Listing 78 plugins:
01 "Client Preferences" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Quake Sounds" (2.7) by dalto, Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, and psychonic
03 "Anti-Flood" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
04 "Last Request: Shotgun Wars (sample)" (1.0.2) by databomb & dataviruset
05 "smjansson.example-01.smx"
06 "SourceBans: View Bans" (2.0.0-dev) by GameConnect
07 "Web Shortcuts" (1.1) by Kyle Sanderson, Nicholas Hastings
08 "Advanced Client Redirect" (1.0) by Olly/Tobi
09 "Sound Commands" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
10 "SM Parachute" (2.5) by SWAT_88
11 "SMAC ConVar Checker" ( by SMAC Development Team
12 "Admin File Reader" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
13 "SMAC CS:S Exploit Fixes" ( by SMAC Development Team
14 "Show Damage" (1.0.7) by exvel
15 "Dissolve" ( by L. Duke
16 "SourceBans: Submission" (2.0.0-dev) by GameConnect
17 "[Store] Inventory" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
18 "[Store] Refund" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
19 "[Store] Weapon Colors" (1.1-alpha) by Phault
20 "[Store] Shop" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
21 "[Store] Titles" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
22 "[Store] Loadout" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
23 "[Store] Distributor" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
24 "[Store] Equipment" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
25 "[Store] NadeTrails" (1.1-alpha) by Phault
26 "[Store] Logging" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
27 "[Store] NadeSkins" (1.1-alpha) by Phault
28 "[Store] Gifting" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
29 "[Store] Backend" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
30 "[Store] Trails" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
31 "[Store] Core" (1.1-alpha) by alongub
32 "SourceMod Anti-Cheat" ( by SMAC Development Team
33 "Basic Votes" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
34 "Last Request: FruitNinja" (1.1.0) by Elad Nava & CoMaNdO
35 "Nextmap" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
36 "smjansson.example-02.smx"
37 "Connect Announce" (1.4) by Arg!
38 "SourceBans" (1.4.11) by SourceBans Development Team
39 "Advanced admin commands" (0.16) by 3sigma
40 "Players Votes" (1.5.0) by The Resident, pZv!
41 "Admin Sounds" (1.2.2) by cadav0r, dalto, o_O.Uberman.O_o, |HS|Jesus
42 "Simple Chat Colors" (1.1.0) by Simple Plugins
43 "Admin Menu" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
44 "IP Chat Block" (1.4) by SuperRaWR
45 "Basic Chat" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
46 "Basic Commands" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
47 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
48 "NoBlock" (1.4.2) by Otstrel.ru Team
49 "Rock The Vote" (1.4.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
50 "Fun Votes" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
51 "smjansson.example-04.smx"
52 "smjansson.example-03.smx"
53 "Map Nominations" (1.4.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
54 "Gangs - Create 'Gangs' and be the one who rules the server!" (1.0.0) by Eden.Campo
55 "Basic Comm Control" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
56 "SMAC AutoTrigger Detector" ( by SMAC Development Team
57 "SMJansson, Test, Create JSON" (0.0.1) by Thrawn
58 "SMAC Rcon Locker" ( by SMAC Development Team
59 "SMAC Client Protection" ( by SMAC Development Team
60 "Reserved Slots" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
61 "Admin List" (1.2) by Fredd
62 "Forlix FloodCheck" (1.71) by Forlix (Dominik Friedrichs)
63 "SM SKINCHOOSER" (2.7) by Andi67
64 "SM_Hosties v2" (2.1.2b) by databomb & dataviruset & comando
65 "Custom Votes" (1.7) by ReFlexPoison
66 "Custom Votes" (0.5.6) by chundo
67 "Player Commands" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
68 "Advertisements" (0.5.5) by Tsunami
69 "MapChooser" (1.4.7-dev) by AlliedModders LLC
70 "Paintball" (1.2.0) by otstrel.ru Team
71 "Spectator List" (1.1.2) by GoD-Tony
72 "Player Respawn" (1.2) by Rogue
73 "Grenade Drop (he, flash, smoke)" (1.3) by rodipm
74 "SMAC Command Monitor" ( by SMAC Development Team
75 "Admin Help" (1.5.0-dev+3841) by AlliedModders LLC
76 "SM Super Commands" (0.60) by pRED*
77 "TeamSwitch" (1.3) by MistaGee
78 "Auto Swap Team" (2.2.0) by Experto
Load Errors:
Advanced admin commands: Error detected in plugin startup (see error logs)

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Old 08-07-2014 , 15:20   Re: CSS - Chat Problem
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For a start I would also update the base sourcemod plugins, I can see you are running 1.6.1 dev, but your plugins are running 1.5.0 dev.
Also you don't need to load those smjansson.example plugins, it is just examples.

You are also running both Custom votes from ReFlexPoison, but also the unapproved version by chundo.
Rock the vote, mapchooser and nominations is running an even older version than the rest of the sourcemod base plugins. remember to move them from the disabled folder when you do an update.

Also post your error logs
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Mata Patos
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Old 08-07-2014 , 15:35   Re: CSS - Chat Problem
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I updated the base sourcemod plugins and still the same problem.

I removed the smjansson.example plugins and the unapproved version of Custom Votes by Chundo.
Attached Files
File Type: log errors_20140807.log (1.6 KB, 78 views)
File Type: log store_2014-08-07.log (78 Bytes, 103 views)
File Type: log L20140807.log (771 Bytes, 73 views)

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Mata Patos
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Join Date: Jul 2011
Old 08-07-2014 , 16:31   Re: CSS - Chat Problem
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Well i tried everything, maybe is a bug from the latest snapshot of sourcemod-1.6.1-git4546-linux.tar.gz?

What can you suggest? Usa the stable one 1.6.0 ? Or another older snapshot of 1.6.1 ?
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Old 08-07-2014 , 17:14   Re: CSS - Chat Problem
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After some searching, I've found that the phrase "You are now muted, you will be unmuted at the end of the round." is from Hosties.

You should probably start your search for fixes there.
Am I back? Well, we'll see.
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