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Last Users Connected

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Current version: v0.18

What is it?
Ever had a player come onto your server, and insult you, or cause havoc, then leave before anyone can get a steamid? Or how about the players who tell you the name of someone who was causing problems, but didn't get a steamid. Or griefers that join your server, annoy everyone, then rejoin under a different name, with no one knowing.

Not anymore.
With this plugin, every player who comes onto your server has their steamid logged, along with any name they used on the server. You can then either view the names/steamid's of the last people to disconnect, or you can search for a name/steamid and see everyone who has used that name.


  • Old databases will need to be deleted when upgrading to this version
  • All queries are now threaded when a player joins.. this means no more lag spikes when a player connects, regardless of database size.
  • Added lc_keepnames
For older changes, click here

How do I use it?
You need to download and Install SourceMM. Next, set it up like a normal plugin.

lc_aka 1|0 - Turns AKA mode on/off (Will show a players previous names in chat when they connect)
lc_delay X - This is the minimum time between using any commands, in seconds, set to 0 to remove.
lc_showtime 0|1 - Show timestamps when displaying results?
lc_maxnames X - Only display X names for each steamid. This effects both AKA and console commands.
lc_keepnames X (default 168 (one week)) - Number of hours to keep names for, set to 0 to keep forever. When a user has no more names associated with them, they will be dropped from the database.

last X - Will show you the last X users to disconnect. If X is missing, it defaults to 25.
finduser <string> - Search for any user names containing <string>, <string> must be three or more characters.

Where can I get it?

[b]NOTE: When upgrading to 0.18, you must delete this file: /addons/last_connected/data/database.sq
here (win32 and linux)
here (source code)
Various bits of semi-useful code in a bunch of languages: http://code.devicenull.org/

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