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What are the L4D2 Reload Speed Values?

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Old 08-05-2022 , 19:15   Re: What are the L4D2 Reload Speed Values?
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Shotgun ReloadDuration (written in file as per single shell and not the total needed to reload the entire magazine)

"ReloadDuration" "0.396"

"ReloadDuration" "0.473"

"ReloadDuration" "0.473"

"ReloadDuration" "0.396"

As I am made aware of in BRU7US' post, shotgun reloads might actually differ in speed based on whether the shell is first in reload, a consecutive reload, or the end of a reload. I've seen this same sort of behavior in Team Fortress 2, in weapons that only reload one shot at a time. For example, TF2 shotgun's first shell in a reload needs 1 second to reload, but all consecutive shells afterwards only take 0.5 seconds each. (Reloading 6 shells in one go takes 3.5 seconds (1, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.5). Or you could do three separate reloads of 2 each (1, 0.5. 1, 0.5. 1, 0.5) for a total reload time of 4.5.
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Old 08-05-2022 , 19:27   Re: What are the L4D2 Reload Speed Values?
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You could use the Host Timescale plugin that gives the command sm_timescale to slow down the game, then make a command that starts/stops and compares the time between start/stop so when you start reloading you start timing, and when you finish compare the end time, would give some more accuracy. It seemed to me when skimming through testing years ago that the reload times were 2 seconds for each that's not listed. But let me know if you find something different.
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Old 08-06-2022 , 10:48   Re: What are the L4D2 Reload Speed Values?
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The ability to get Sourcemod to function is something beyond my abilities, despite the tutorials and multiple hours-long forays I have attempted, so I am unable to utilize plugins. I also have no idea how to create such a command to start and stop in tandem with the reload. I've familiarity with console commands, and I know how to use host timescale in L4D2, at least.

Late yesterday through coincidence I played a few games of survival with a 2500+ hour player, who certainly had that level of skill and knowledge from what I observed. At once point he mentioned the rifle_desert "had a long reload" (that's me paraphrasing), in context this was comparing it to another assault rifle (rifle_ak47).

The rifle_desert having a long reload time is probably the most consistent account of a weapon's reload I've heard, perhaps it's widespread misinformation or a placebo, but it just makes me all the more curious to find the facts.
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