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[ANY] Shutdown Countdown

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Dr. McKay
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    Lets an admin start a countdown to a server shutdown
    Old 08-27-2011 , 19:39   [ANY] Shutdown Countdown
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    [ANY] Shutdown Countdown


    Allows any admin with the ADMFLAG_RCON flag (m) to start a timer till the server will automatically shut down. The command can be overridden, and the individual commands can even be overridden differently so only RCON admins can start countdowns but CVAR admins can cancel them, or something like that. The server is shut down by the plugin simply executing "quit" in the server console when the timer expires. When the timer is started, the hint box displays "WARNING: The server will shut down in x seconds." The message is customizable via cvar. When the timer falls below a certain value (customizable by a cvar, defaults to 30), the warning will also be displayed in the center of the screen, and also printed to the server console.

    sm_shutdown [time] - set a shutdown timer
    sm_shutdown_confirm - confirms a timer set with sm_shutdown and begins the countdown
    sm_shutdown_cancel - cancels the timer

    sm_shutdown_countdown_version - plugin version
    sm_shutdown_countdown_notify - once the timer gets below this number of seconds, it will display the countdown in both csay and hsay. Defaults to 30
    sm_shutdown_countdown_tag - allows you to change the tag displayed in command replies (defaults to "[SM]")
    sm_shutdown_countdown_beginning - the first part of the warning (defaults to "WARNING: The server will shut down in")
    sm_shutdown_countdown_end - the second part of the warning (defaults to "seconds.")
    sm_shutdown_countdown_auto_update - enables automatic updating (has no effect if Updater is not installed) (defaults to 1)

    The warning message will be displayed in the format:
    [sm_shutdown_countdown_beginning] [time remaining] [sm_shutdown_countdown_end]

    Put shutdowncountdown.smx into /addons/sourcemod/plugins and reboot your server or type "sm plugins load shutdowncountdown" into your console or rcon.

    Auto Update:
    Install Updater. The plugin will be autoupdated according to your Updater settings. It'll work without Updater.

    • v1.6.0 (7/12/12)
      • Added option to disable automatic updating (sm_shutdown_countdown_auto_update)
    • v1.5.0 (10/25/11)
      • The warning message is now customizable via cvar
    • v1.4.0 (10/24/11)
      • Fixed an issue where the plugin would not be added to the Updater pool
    • v1.3.0 (10/23/11)
      • The plugin now uses the newer, better-supported Updater plugin
      • Added a cvar to change the tag
      • The countdown will be printed to the server console when it's below sm_shutdown_countdown_notify
    • v1.2 (10/23/11)
      • The version cvar now has an "A" appended to it if autoupdate is functioning
    • v1.1 (8/28/11)
      • Fixed an issue with multiple timers being able to be started, and now uses %N instead of GetClientName.
    • v1.0 (8/27/11)
      • Initial Release

    Download Plugin (shutdowncountdown.smx)
    View Source (shutdowncountdown.sp)

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