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Hero mod Server IP's

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Old 03-28-2005 , 19:05  
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superhero mod with death match
Old 04-03-2005 , 09:11  
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ZeroPing.co.uk | SuperHero Server | XP Saved!

Country: UK

Custom Hero's: Beast, Blink, Batgirl, Morpheus, Bullseye, Darth Maul, Green Arrow, Vash the Stampede, Blade, Madness.
Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Holland
Old 04-03-2005 , 15:42  
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[Q1]Public Superheromod server

Located in Holland
10 players max
Always an admin.
Custom and normal maps.
Only added cool/nice/usefull hero's (not tons 'o rips!)
20 levels starting with lv 3

(WARNING! not open 24/7)
It is I, Quietkey!

(Bad sig I know too lazy too think of something else)
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Old 04-17-2005 , 01:43  
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SuperHeros @ {ATL}

currently- 20 lvls and 70s heros

future- 30+lvls and 100 heros

you can buy admin and levels also
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Old 04-19-2005 , 13:47  
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My server:
its a new server so everyone got only level 0-9 so you can still be one of the godlikes!!!
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hello, i am pm
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Old 04-19-2005 , 15:17  
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My IP:
It aint a Superhero Server Yet but it will be changed here in this week..
I Edit this post when it get changed!
hello, i am pm
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Old 04-20-2005 , 12:05   Superhero Server
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(ShS)SuperHeroServer [Saved Xp]
California server
Old 04-21-2005 , 04:59   Server Ip
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Hi i am an admin of the following superhero server its rerally good its got custom heroes i.e morpheus good xp real fun would liek mor epeople on though so come chek it out:
Super Hero AoD| (its |TpL| clan though dont know how to change the name of the server)
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: utah
Old 04-21-2005 , 10:44  
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blood to change the name of your server its all in the server.cfg file just edit that it has the name in it. since i am here i better tell mine
SuperHero PBPA and WA Clan
CS 40 levels, 100+ heroes, Saved XP, 22 player slots, Fast Downloads, high cpu, ping accelerator,
CZ 40 levels, 100+ heroes, Saved XP, 16 player slots, Fast Downloads,
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Old 04-29-2005 , 16:59  
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SuperHero Mod -- Saved XP .:}{{:. www.ClanHC.net

usualy full, just keep tryin to get in.

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