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[Hidden:Source] Friendly Fire Radio

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Server Management
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The Hidden: Source
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    Causes IRIS to respond to friendly fire over the radio, naming their attacker.
    Old 10-14-2008 , 06:05   [Hidden:Source] Friendly Fire Radio
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    Written for Hidden:Source Beta 4b

     * Hidden:SourceMod - Friendly Radio
     * Description:
     *  IRIS call out when attacked by teammates.
     *  The victim names their attacker.
     * Cvar:
     *  sm_flood_time [seconds] : time between text messages. Default: 0.75
     *  hsm_ffire_named [0|1] : Does the victim name their attacker? 0: No, 1: Yes. Default: 1
     * Changelog:
     *  v1.0.3
     *   Removed dependancy of hsm/hsm.sp
     *   Removed link to hdn_radio_limit since the audio message already goes out via radio and that is already linked.
     *  v1.0.2
     *   Moved audio output to radio message so incidator appears on IRIS's HUD.
     *   There is no text reply with this radio call however. That is still handled elsewhere to preserve attacker naming.
     *  v1.0.1
     *   Fixed bug where attacker would say the text message instead of the vicitm. - thx -SM-Sucker (The Dark Prince)
     *  v1.0.0
     *   Initial Release.
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