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Galileo Translation Request

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Old 01-12-2016 , 17:58   Galileo Translation Request
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Galileo Translation Request

Hi everybody, if you want to translate the mapchooser Galileo to your language,
post here your translations. If you see some error or bad coloring tags positioning at
the current translations, feel free to correct and post it here. They will be available
at the future plugin versions. See also here the old translation request thread, for
old or outdated translations.

Contents' Table

It is already translated to:
  1. English [en]
  2. Brazilian Portuguese [bp]
  3. Spanish [es] reviewed by ACM1PT, Shattered Heart Lynx, wlmraziel, Rivotril
  4. Polish [pl] reviewed by BeNq!
  5. Romanian [ro] by iNdio
  6. Italian [it] by iNdio
  7. Dutch [nl] by Napoleon_be
  8. Serbian [sr] by MihailoZ
  9. Slovak [sk] by Belo95135
  10. Hungarian [hu] by regener reviewed by norbee.16
  11. French [fr] by Nemesis31 reviewed by GoRiLliAz (pull#67)
  12. Turkish [tr] by Snake.
  13. German [de] by AllMassive (post#847) reviewed by Mordekay (post#43)
See here the current and effectively integrated LANGs constants:
HTML Code:
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_INPROGRESS = !tCancellation!g failed; vote is!y already in progress.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Cancellation failed; '!g%s!y' was nominated by!g %s!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Cancellation!t failed;!y vote outcome!g has already!t been determined!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_WASNOTYOU = Cancellation failed;!g you have not!y previously nominated '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CANCEL_SUCCESS = The following maps!g are no!y longer nominated:!g %s
GAL_CHANGE_NEXTROUND = Map change will happen after this round.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED1 = Time limit has expired.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED2 = Time limit!g has!t expired!y.
GAL_CHANGE_MAINTENANCE = The server!t cannot change!y the map when it is!g on maintenance mode!y. Use 'gal_command_maintenance' to disable it.
GAL_CHANGE_MAINTENANCE_STATE = The server maintenance mode is '!t%L!y'. Use '!ggal_command_maintenance!y' to toggle it.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND = You have!g chosen to extend!t the current map.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND_ALL = !g%s!y has chosen to!t extend!y the current map.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP = You have chosen '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP_ALL = !t%s!y has chosen '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE = You have chosen to!t not take part in this!g vote!y.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE_ALL = !g%s!t has chosen to not!y take part in this vote.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY = You have chosen!t to stay on!g the current map!y.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY_ALL = !t%s!y has chosen to stay on!g the current map!y.
GAL_CHOOSE = Choose the Next Map
GAL_CHOOSE_QUESTION = Do you want to vote for the next map?
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE1 = Usage: gal_createmapfile <filename>
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE2 = The file will be created in ./amxmodx/configs/galileo
GAL_CMD_NOMS = * You can use '!gnoms!y' instead of '!gnominations!y', if you!t would!y prefer.
GAL_CMD_RTV = * You can use '!grtv!y' instead of '!grockthevote!y', if you!t would!y prefer.
GAL_CREATIONFAILED = Could not create '%s'.
GAL_CREATIONSUCCESS = Successfully created '%s' (%i maps).
GAL_DISABLED = This command has been disabled.
GAL_FILLER_NOTFOUND = Could not open '%s' to load maps used to fill the vote.
GAL_FILLER_BLOCKED = The!g Min-Players!y /!g White-List!y settings blocked from vote the following matching maps:
GAL_GRP_FAIL_NOCOUNTS = No group counts could be found in '%s' for the vote fill process.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY = More than 8 filler group map counts were found in '%s'.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY_2 = Only the first 8 are being loaded.
GAL_LISTMAPS_MORE = Use '%s %i' or '%s *' for More
GAL_LISTMAPS_SHOWING = Maps %i - %i of %i
GAL_LISTMAPS_TITLE = Nominatable Maps
GAL_MAPS_FILEMISSING = Could not open '%s'.
GAL_MAPS_FOLDERMISSING = Could not find 'maps' directory.
GAL_MATCHING = Matching: %s!y.
GAL_MATCH_CURRENTMAP = (current map)
GAL_MATCH_TOORECENT = (too recent)
GAL_MATCH_WHITELIST = (blocked until the next hour[s])
GAL_NEXTMAP1 = The next map will be '%s'.
GAL_NEXTMAP2 = The next map will be '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NEXTMAP_UNKNOWN = !t[!ynot yet!g voted on!t]
GAL_NEXTMAP_VOTING = !t[!yvote in!g progress!t]
GAL_NOMINATEDBY = (nominated by %s)
GAL_NOMS_NOTFOUND = Could not open '%s' to load maps that can be nominated.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_ALREADY = Nomination!t failed;!t you have already nominated!g %s!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_CURRENTMAP = Nomination!t failed; '!g%s!y' is the current map.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Nomination failed;!g vote is already in progress!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_NOMATCHES = Nomination failed;!g no map names matched '!y%s!g'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Nomination failed; '!g%s!y' has already been nominated by!g %s!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE_HLP = You can type, '!gnominations!y' or '!gnoms!y', to see a list of!t current nominations!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY = Nomination failed;!g you have already!y nominated!g %i!y maps (!g%s!y).
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY_HLP = To nominate a!t different map!g you must first cancel one of!y your current nominations!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT = Nomination failed; '!g%s!y' was played too recently.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT_HLP = You can type, '!grecentmaps!y', to see the most!t recently played maps!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Nomination!t failed;!y vote outcome has!g already been determined!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_WHITELIST = Nomination failed; '!g%s!y' was blocked to be played on this and!t next hour(s)!y.
GAL_NOM_GOOD_HLP = To cancel your!g nomination either!t type '!y<mapname>!t' or '!ycancel <mapname>!t'.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES = !gMore than one map matched '!t%s!g'.!y Please choose the correct one.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES_MAX = !gThe map search could take up to %d seconds,!t as there are more than %d unsuccessful matches!y.
GAL_NOM_SUCCESS = !g%s!y has just nominated '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_CANCEL_OPTION = Cancel all your Nominations
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND = Extend '%s' %i Minutes
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND_ROUND = Extend '%s' %i Rounds
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND_FRAGS = Extend '%s' %i Frags
GAL_FRAGS = frags
GAL_ROUNDS = rounds
GAL_SECONDS = seconds
GAL_MINUTES = minutes
GAL_OPTION_NONE_VOTE = I don't want to vote
GAL_OPTION_STAY_MAP = Stay Here on %s
GAL_OPTION_CANCEL_PARTIALLY = Only set the next map to %s
GAL_PREFIXES_NOTFOUND = Could not open '%s' to load map prefixes.
GAL_PREFIXES_TOOMANY = More than %i map prefixes were found in '%s'.
GAL_RESULT = Result of the Vote
GAL_RESULT_TIED1 = !g%i choices!y were tied for first.!t Two of them were randomly selected for the vote.
GAL_RESULT_TIED2 = The!g first!y place choice and a randomly selected,!t of %i!y, second place choice will be in the vote.
GAL_ROCK_ENOUGH = Enough players have!t rocked the vote!y that a vote for the next map will now begin.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_ALREADY = You have!t already rocked the vote!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Vote is!t already in progress!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_PENDINGVOTE = There is a vote!t already scheduled to take place in less than!g 2 minutes!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON = You have to wait approximately!t %i more minutes!y before you can '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_ROUNDS = You have to wait approximately!t %i more rounds!y before you can '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_FRAGS = You have to wait approximately!t %i more frags!y before you can '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Vote!g outcome!t has already been determined.
GAL_ROCK_WAIT_ADMIN = You cannot '!grock the vote!y' when there is an admin!g  online!y.
GAL_ROCK_WAIT_SPECTATOR = You cannot '!grock the vote!y' while is spectator!y.
GAL_ROCK_NEEDMORE = !g%i!t more players need to '!yrockthevote!t' to start the vote.
GAL_ROCK_SUCCESS = You have!t rocked the vote!y.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED = !tRunoff voting is required!y because the top choice!g did not receive over %d%%!t of the votes cast.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED_TOP = The top choice did not receive enough of the votes
GAL_STANDARD_NOTFOUND = Error opening '%s' to load standard maps.
GAL_STANDARD_TOOMANY = There are %i standard maps defined for the game '%s'.
GAL_STANDARD_UNKNOWNMOD = No map standard set for the game ' '.
GAL_TIMELEFT = Seconds remaining
GAL_VOTE_COUNTDOWN = The next map voting will begin in %i
GAL_VOTE_EARLY = Early map vote will begin within!g 2 minutes!y due to the!t server restart!y.
GAL_VOTE_ENDED = The vote has ended
GAL_VOTE_INPROGRESS = Vote is!g already!y in progress.
GAL_VOTE_NOMAPS = Vote creation!t failed; no maps found.
GAL_VOTE_WEIGHTED = Your vote is weighted. It counts as!g %i!y.
GAL_VOTE_START = Start Voting
GAL_VOTE_GO_TO_PAGE = Go to a menu's page
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND1 = The current map will be extended for %i minutes.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND2 = The current map will be extended for!t %i minutes!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND1 = The current map will be extended for %i rounds.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND2 = The current map!t will be extended for!g %i rounds!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_FRAGS1 = The current map will be extended for %i Frags.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_FRAGS2 = The current map!t will be extended for!g %i Frags!y.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM1 = The next map was randomly chosen to be '%s'.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM2 = The next map was randomly chosen to be '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_ORDERED1 = The next map was chosen to be '%s'.
GAL_WINNER_ORDERED2 = The next map was chosen to be '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_STAY1 = We are staying here.
GAL_WINNER_STAY2 = We are!g staying here!y.
GAL_WINNER_TIED = The winning choice was!g randomly!t selected from the!g %i!t tied top choices.
DMAP_NEXTMAP_VOTE_REMAINING1 = A Vote will occur to choose the next map in %d seconds
DMAP_NEXTMAP_VOTE_REMAINING2 = A Vote will occur to choose the!g next map!y in!g %d seconds
DMAP_MAP_CHANGING_IN1 = Map changing to %s in %d seconds
DMAP_MAP_CHANGING_IN2 = Map changing to!g %s!y in!t %d seconds
DMAP_MAP_EXTENDED1 = Due to the result of the vote

Translation Notes Go to top

These LANG constants use '!t', '!g', and '!y' for colors. Then everything after these tags to use '!g for green', '!y for yellow' and '!t for team' color. At this plugin, all LANG constants automatically start using the yellow color. Example for:
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED = Time limit!g has!t expired. !tThe next map!y will be '!g%s!y'.
Will be viewed like this:

If someones do not want colors when using this plugin/colored LANG file, just needs to disable this cvar on the 'galileo.cfg' config file:
// Enable or disable the color on the plugin text message chat (colored chat). // 0 - Disabled // 1 - Enabled gal_colored_chat_enabled 1

Just do not put color tags at the LANG constants that do not already have, because they are used on the server console or menus like this:

Accents Go to top

Originally Posted by MihailoZ View Post
And what you mean by accentuations?
(Аццентуатионс) intonation, the action of emphasizing something.
Glasanje ce poceti za


Glasanje ce poceti za


See more notes by DynamicBits
Originally Posted by DynamicBits View Post
Escape Sequences Go to top

The caret (^), is used as a control character, which indicates the start of an escape sequence. Escape sequences are interpreted differently than normal characters. Understanding what these characters do is important and should help make translating less difficult. You should not alter these escape sequences when translating a string. Altering them can cause undesired effects, such as forcing a client to disconnect.

The escape sequences you will commonly see in AMXX language files are:
  • ^n (New-line)
  • ^t (Horizontal tab)
  • ^^ (An actual caret)
  • ^' (Single quote)
  • ^" (Double quote)
  • ^% (Percent sign)

Formatting codes

A second thing to be aware of is formatting codes. These are placeholders that will be replaced in the text displayed to the client or server console. You generally should be aware of whether a formatting code is numeric or text. If you want more information on what each formatting code actually represents, see the explanation of the printf function in the Pawn Language Guide.
  • %b (numeric)
  • %c (text)
  • %d (numeric)
  • %f (numeric)
  • %q (numeric)
  • %r (numeric)
  • %s (text)
  • %x (numeric)

Translator Assistant Go to top

Translator Assistant is an aid program in for translations. This simulates one, two or three work areas (a text region), one on top of another. It was created because it is easier to translate review looking at the original on the same screen.

Requirements: RESOLUTION of at least 800x600.
Original Download Page (translated): http://translate.google.com.br/translate?hl=en&sl=pt-BR&u=www.inf.ufsm.br/~silveira/ajudatradutores.html


English and others LANG Constants Go to top

_____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _________________________________________

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Why not, italian (+ romanian fixed)
PHP Code:
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_INPROGRESS = !tCancellazione!g non riuscitail voto!y e gia in corso.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE Cancellazione non riuscita'!g%s!y' e stata nominata da!%s!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_VOTEOVER Cancellazione !tnon riuscita;!y il risultato del voto!g e stato gia!t determinato.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_WASNOTYOU Cancellazione non riuscita;!g non hai!y nominato prima '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CANCEL_SUCCESS Le mappe seguenti!g non sono!y piu!y nominalizzabili:!%s
Il cambio della mappa !tviene fatto!y dopo questa round.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED Il limite di tempo!g e!tscaduto.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND Hai !gscelto di estendere!t la mappa corrente.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND_ALL = !g%s!y ha scelto di!t estendere!y la mappa corrente.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP Hai scelto '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP_ALL = !t%s!y ha scelto '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE Hai scelto di!t non partecipare a questo!g voto.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE_ALL = !g%s!t ha scelto di non!y partecipare a questo voto.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY Hai scelto!t di restare sulla!g mappa corrente.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY_ALL = !t%s ha scelto di restare sulla!g mappa corrente.
GAL_CHOOSE Scegli la Prossima Mappa
Usagal_createmapfile <file>
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE2 Il file verra creato nel ./amxmodx/configs/galileo
= * Puoi usare '!gnoms!y' anziche '!gnominations!t'come preferisci!y.
GAL_CMD_RTV = * Puoi usare '!grtv!y' anziche '!grockthevote!y'come preferisci.
GAL_CREATIONFAILED Non si puo creare '%s'.
GAL_CREATIONSUCCESS Creato con successo '%s' (%i mappe).
GAL_DISABLED Questo commando e stato disattivato.
GAL_FILLER_NOTFOUND Non si puo aprire '%s' per caricare le mappe utilizzate nel riempire il voto.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_NOCOUNTS Nessun gruppo di numerazioni non puo essere trovato in '%s' per la realizzazione del voto.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY Piu di 8 gruppi pieni sono stati trovati in '%s'Solo i primi 8 sono stati caricati.
GAL_LISTMAPS_MORE Usa '%s %i' oppure '%s *' per saperne di Piu.
GAL_LISTMAPS_SHOWING Mappe %- %i di %i
Mappe Nominalizzabili
Non si puo aprire '%s'.
GAL_MAPS_FOLDERMISSING Non si puo trovare 'maps' nella cartella.
Mappe piu recenti
Adattamento: %s
= (mappa corrente)
GAL_MATCH_TOORECENT = (piu recente)
GAL_NEXTMAP = !tLa prossima mappa!y sara '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NEXTMAP_UNKNOWN = !t[!yancora non!g votato!t]
GAL_NEXTMAP_VOTING = !t[!yvoto in!g corso!t]
GAL_NOMINATEDBY = (nominata da %s)
Non si puo aprire '%s' per caricare le mappe da nominare.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_ALREADY Nomination non riuscita;!g hai gia nominato '!y%s!g'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_CURRENTMAP Nomination!t non riuscita'!g%s!t' e la mappa corrente.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_INPROGRESS Nomination non riuscita;!g il voto e gia in corso.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_NOMATCHES Nomination non riuscita;!g nessun nome di una mappa non risulta uguale a '!y%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE Nomination non riuscita'!g%s!y' e stata gia nominata da !g%s!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE_HLP Puoi digitare'!tnominations!y'per vedere la lista delle!t nominations attuali.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY Nomination non riuscita;!t hai gia!y nominato !g%i!y le mappe (!g%s!y).
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY_HLP Per nominare una!t mappa diversa!g devi prima cancellare una!y delle tue attuali nominations.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT Nomination non riuscita'!g%s!y' e stata appena giocata.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT_HLP Puoi digitare'!grecentmaps!y'per vedere le!t mappe appena giocate.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_VOTEOVER Nomination!t non riuscitail risultato del voto!g e stato gia determinato.
GAL_NOM_GOOD_HLP Per cancellare la tua !gnomination gia fatta!t digita '!y<mapname>!t' oppure '!ycancel <mapname>!t'.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES = !gPiu di una mappa risulta '!t%s!y'Per favore scegli quella giusta.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES_MAX = !gCi possono essere piu mappe !t%i adatteSolo la prima !g%i sara mostrata.
GAL_NOM_SUCCESS = !g%s!y ha appena nominato '!g%s!y'.
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND Estendi '%s' %i Minuti
Estendi %%i Round
Nessuna risposta
Resta qui
Resta qui sul %s
Non si puo aprire '%s' per caricare i prefissi delle mappe.
GAL_PREFIXES_TOOMANY Piu di %i prefissi delle mappe sono stati trovati nel '%s'.
GAL_RESULT Risultati del voto
= !g%i scelte!y effettuate prima.!t Due di loro sono state selezionate casualmente per il voto.
GAL_RESULT_TIED2 Il!g primo!y posto della selezione ed una selezione casuale, !tdi %i,!y il secondo posto della selezione sara nel voto.
GAL_ROCK_ENOUGH Abbastanza giocatori hanno fatto il!t rock the vote!y quindi il voto per la prossima mappa inizia adesso.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_ALREADY Hai !tgia!yfatto!t rock the vote!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_INPROGRESS Il voto!t e gia in corso!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_PENDINGVOTE Esiste un voto!t gia programmato per avere inizio in meno di!g 2 minuti!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON Devi aspettare circa !t%i minuti in piu!y prima che tu possa fare '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_ROUNDS Devi aspettare circa !t%i round in piu!y prima che tu possa fare '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_VOTEOVER Il!g risultato !tdel voto e stato gia determinato.
GAL_ROCK_NEEDMORE = !g%i!t giocatori in piu servono per iniziare il '!yrockthevote!t'.
GAL_ROCK_SUCCESS Hai fatto il!t rock the vote!y.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED = !tPiu voti sono necessari!y perche il top delle scelte!g non ha ricevuto piu di 50%%!t dei voti registrati.
GAL_STANDARD_NOTFOUND Errore sull apertura di '%s' per caricare le mappe standard.
GAL_STANDARD_TOOMANY Ci sono piu di %i mappe standard definite per il gioco '%s'.
GAL_STANDARD_UNKNOWNMOD Nessuna mappa standard non e stata impostata per il gioco ' '.
GAL_TIMELEFT secondi rimasti
Il voto inizia in %i secondi...
GAL_VOTE_EARLY Il voto di una mappa iniziera nei !g2 minuti!y successivi dopo il riavvio del server!y.
GAL_VOTE_ENDED Il voto e stato chiuso.
GAL_VOTE_INPROGRESS Il voto!g e gia!y in corso.
GAL_VOTE_NOMAPS Creazione del voto!t non riuscitanessuna mappa trovata
Il tuo voto e adesso moderatoPosizione !g%i!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND La mappa corrente sara estesa per altri !t%i minuti!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND La mappa corrente!t sara estesa per altri !g%i round!y.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM Nessun voto.!t La prossima mappa e stata scelta casualmente e sara '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_STAY = !g Restiamo qui!y.
GAL_WINNER_TIED La scelta vincitrice e stata selezionata !gcasualmente!t dai !g%i!t del top.

Romanian Fixed

GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_INPROGRESS = !tAnulare!g nereusitaVotul este deja in desfasurare.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE Anulare nereusita'!gs!y' a fost nominalizata de!%s!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_VOTEOVER Anulare !tnereusita;!y rezultatul votului!g a fost deja!t determinat.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_WASNOTYOU Anulare nereusita;!g nu ai!y nominalizat mai devreme '!g%s!y'
GAL_CANCEL_SUCCESS Urmatoarele mape!g nu!y mai pot fi nominalizate:!%s
Mapa !tse va schimba!y dupa aceasta runda.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED Limita de timp!ga!t expirat.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND Ai ales !gextinderea mapei!t actuale.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND_ALL = !g%s!y a ales!t extinderea!y mapei actuale.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP Ai ales '!g%s!y'
GAL_CHOICE_MAP_ALL = !t%s!y a ales '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE Ai ales pentru!t neparticipare la acest!g vot.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE_ALL = !g%s!t a ales pentru!t neparticipare!yla acest vot.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY Ai ales!t sa ramai la!g mapa actuala.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY_ALL = !t%s a ales sa ramana la!g mapa actuala.
GAL_CHOOSE Alegere Urmatoarea Mapa
Folosiregal_createmapfile <fisier>
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE2 Fisierul va fi creat in ./amxmodx/configs/galileo
= * Poti folosi '!gnoms!y' in loc de '!gnominations!t'dupa!t preferinta!y.
GAL_CMD_RTV = * Poti folosi '!grtv!y' in loc de '!grockthevote!y'dupa!t preferinta.
GAL_CREATIONFAILED Nu s-a putut crea '%s'.
GAL_CREATIONSUCCESS Creat cu succes '%s' (%i mape).
GAL_DISABLED Aceasta comanda a fost dezactivata.
GAL_FILLER_NOTFOUND Nu se poate deschide '%s' pentru a incarca mapele folosite pentru realizarea votului.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_NOCOUNTS Niciun grup de numerotari nu poate fi gasit in '%s' pentru realizarea votului.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY Mai mult de 8 grupuri de mape pline au fost gasite in '%s'Doar primele 8 au fost incarcate.
GAL_LISTMAPS_MORE Foloseste '%s %i' sau '%s *' pentru mai Multe.
GAL_LISTMAPS_SHOWING Mape %- %i din %i
Mape Nominalizabile
Nu se poate deschide '%s'.
GAL_MAPS_FOLDERMISSING Nu a fost gasit directorul 'maps'.
Mape recente
Potrivire: %s
= (mapa actuala)
GAL_MATCH_NOMINATED = (nominalizata)
GAL_NEXTMAP = !tUrmatoarea mapa!y va fi '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NEXTMAP_UNKNOWN = !t[!yinca nu!g s-a votat!t]
GAL_NEXTMAP_VOTING = !t[!vot in!g desfasurare!t]
GAL_NOMINATEDBY = (nominalizate de %s)
Nu se poate deschide '%s' pentru a incarca mapele ce pot fi nominalizate.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_ALREADY Nominalizare!t nereusita;!g ai nominalizat '!y%s!g' deja.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_CURRENTMAP Nominalizare!t nereusita'!g%s!t' e mapa actuala.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_INPROGRESS Nominalizare nereusita;!g votul este deja in desfasurare.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_NOMATCHES Nominalizare nereusita;!g nu s-a potrivit niciun nume al mapei '!y%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE Nominalizare nereusita'!g%s!y' a fost deja nominalizata de !g%s!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE_HLP Poti tasta'!tnominations!y'pentru a vedea lista!t nominalizarilor recente.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY Nominalizare nereusita;!t ai nominalizat!y deja !g%i!y mapele (!g%s!y).
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY_HLP Pentru a nominaliza o!t mapa diferita!g trebuie mai intai sa stergi una din!y nominalizarile actuale.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT Nominalizare nereusita'!g%s!y' s-a jucat recent.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT_HLP Poti tasta'!grecentmaps!y'pentru a vedea!t cele mai recente mape jucate.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_VOTEOVER Nominalizare!t nereusitarezultatul votului a fost!g determinat deja.
GAL_NOM_GOOD_HLP Pentru a sterge orice !gnominalizare deja efectuata!t tasteaza '!y<mapname>!t' sau '!yanuleaza <mapname>!t'.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES = !gMai mult de o mapa s-a potrivit cu '!t%s!y'Te rog alege una corecta.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES_MAX = !gSe pot gasi mai multe !t%i potriviriDoar prima !g%i va fi afisata.
GAL_NOM_SUCCESS = !g%s!y a nominalizat '!g%s!y'.
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND Extindere '%s' %i Minutes
Extindere %%i Runde
Ramai Aici
Ramai Aici pe %s
Nu se poate deschide '%s' pentru a incarca prefixele mapelor.
GAL_PREFIXES_TOOMANY Mai mult de %i prefixe pentru mape au fost gasite in '%s'.
GAL_RESULT Rezultatul Votului
= !g%i alegeri!y au fost efectuate primele.!t 2 din ele au fost selectate cazual pentru vot.
GAL_RESULT_TIED2 Locul!g primei!y alegeri si al unei mape selectate cazual, !tdin %i,!y locul al 2lea al alegerilor va fi in vot.
GAL_ROCK_ENOUGH Suficienti jucatori au!t nominalizat...!y Votul pentru urmatoarea mapa incepe acum.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_ALREADY Ai !tnominalizat deja!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_INPROGRESS Votul este!t in progres deja!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_PENDINGVOTE Exista deja un vot!t programat ce va avea loc in mai putin de!g 2 minute!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON Trebuie sa astepti aproximativ !t%i minute!y inainte de a folosi '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_ROUNDS Trebuie sa astepti aproximativ !t%i runde!y inainte de a folosi '!grock the vote!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_VOTEOVER = !gRezultatul!tvotului a fost deja determinat.
GAL_ROCK_NEEDMORE De !g%i!t jucatori in pluseste nevoie pentru '!yrockthevote!t' ,altfel votul nu incepe.
GAL_ROCK_SUCCESS Ai realizat!t rock the vote!y.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED = !tMai multe voturi sunt necesare!y deoarece topul alegerilor!g nu a primit mai mult de 50%%!t din voturile inregistrate.
GAL_STANDARD_NOTFOUND Eroare la pornirea '%s' pentru a incarca mapele standard.
GAL_STANDARD_TOOMANY Se gasesc %i de mape standard definite pentru joc '%s'.
GAL_STANDARD_UNKNOWNMOD Nici o mapa nu a fost setata pentru joc ' '.
GAL_TIMELEFT secunde ramase
Votul incepe in %i secunde...
GAL_VOTE_EARLY Votul unei mape va incepe in !g2 minute!y in cazul in care serverul!t se restarteaza!y.
GAL_VOTE_ENDED Votul a luat sfarsit.
GAL_VOTE_INPROGRESS Votul este!g deja!y in desfasurare.
GAL_VOTE_NOMAPS Pornirea votului!t nereusitanu a fost gasita nici o mapa.
GAL_VOTE_WEIGHTED Votul tau este moderatPozitia !g%i!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND Mapa actuala se va extinde pentru !t%i minute!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND Mapa actuala se va extinde pentru !g%i runde!y.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM Nimeni nu a votat.!t Urmatoarea mapa aleasa cazual va fi '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_STAY Vom!g ramane aici!y.
GAL_WINNER_TIED Alegerea castigatoare a fost selectata !gcazual!t din !g%i!t al topului
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Originally Posted by iNdio View Post
Why not, italian (+ romanian fixed)
Thank you.
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Dutch translation

GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_INPROGRESS = !tAnnulering mislukt; stemming is!y al bezig.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Annulering mislukt; '!g%s!y' was genomineerd door!g %s!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Annluring !tmislukt;!y Het resultaat van !gde stemming!t is al bepaald.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_WASNOTYOU = Annulering mislukt;!y Je hebt '!g%s!y' niet eerder genomineerd.
GAL_CANCEL_SUCCESS =  De volgende kaarten!g zijn niet langer!y genomineerd:!t %s
GAL_CHANGE_NEXTROUND = Veranderen van !tde map!y zal na deze ronde gebeuren.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED = Tijd limiet!g is!t verlopen!y.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND = Je hebt !ggekozen om de!t huidige map!y te verlengen.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND_ALL = !g%s!y heeft gekozen om de !thuidige map te verlengen.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP = Je hebt '!g%s!y' gekozen.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP_ALL = !t%s!y heeft '!g%s!y' gekozen.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE = Je hebt ervoor gekozen om!t niet mee te stemmen!g met deze stemming.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE_ALL = !g%s!t heeft gekozen om niet!y deel uit te maken van deze stemming.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY = Je hebt ervoor gekozen!t om dezelfde kaart!g te blijven spelen.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY_ALL = %t%s heeft ervoor gekozen om!g dezelfde kaart te blijven spelen.
GAL_CHOOSE = Kies de Volgende Kaart
GAL_CHOOSE_QUESTION = Wil je voor de volgende map stemmen?
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE1 = Gebruiksaanwijzing: gal_createmapfile <bestandnaam>
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE2 = Het bestand zal opgemaakt worden in .amxmodx/configs.galileo
GAL_CMD_NOMS = * Je kan '!gnoms!y' gebruiken i.p.v. '!gnominations!t' indien je dit wenst!y.
GAL_CMD_RTV = * Je kan '!grtv!y' gebruiken i.p.v. '!grockthevote!t' indien je dit wenst!y.
GAL_CREATIONFAILED = Kon '%s' niet aanmaken.
GAL_CREATIONSUCCESS = '%s' succesvol gecreŽerd. (%i kaarten)
GAL_DISABLED = Dit commando is uitgeschakeld.
GAL_FILLER_NOTFOUND = Kon '%s' niet openen om de kaarten te laden om de stemming te vullen.
GAL_FILLER_BLOCKED = De!g minspelers - witte lijst!y instellingen zijn geblokkeerd van de volgende genomineerde overeenstemmende kaarten.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_NOCOUNTS = Er konden geen groep tellingen gevonden worden in '%s' om het stemmingsprocess te vullen
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY = Only the first 8 were loaded. Er werden meer dan 8 kaarten gevonden in '%s'. Alleen de eerste 8 werden geladen.
GAL_LISTMAPS_MORE = Gebruik '%s %i' or '%s *' voor meer.
GAL_LISTMAPS_SHOWING = Kaarten %i - %i van %i.
GAL_LISTMAPS_TITLE = Nomineerbare kaarten.
GAL_MAPS_FILEMISSING = Kon '%s' niet openen.
GAL_MAPS_FOLDERMISSING = Kon 'kaarten' locatie niet vinden.
GAL_MAP_RECENTMAPS = Recente Kaarten
GAL_MATCHING = Overeenstemming(en): %s
GAL_MATCH_CURRENTMAP = (huidige kaart)
GAL_MATCH_NOMINATED = (genomineerd)
GAL_NEXTMAP = !tDe volgende map!y zal '!g%s!y' zijn.
GAL_NEXTMAP_UNKNOWN = !t[!ynog niet!g op gestemd!t]
GAL_NEXTMAP_VOTING = !t[!ystemming!g bezig!t]
GAL_NOMINATEDBY = (genomineerd door %s)
GAL_NOMS_NOTFOUND = Kon '%s' niet openen om de nomineerbare maps te laden.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_ALREADY = Nominatie!t mislukt;!g Je hebt '%y%s!g' al genomineerd.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_CURRENTMAP = Nominatie!t mislukt; '!g%s!t' is de huidige map.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Nominatie mislukt;!g stemming is al bezig.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_NOMATCHES = Nominatie mislukt;!g geen kaartnamen die overeenkomen met 'y%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Nominatie mislukt; 'g%s!y' is al genomineerd door !g%sy.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE_HLP = Je kan '!tnominations!y' typen om een lijst de zien van de!t huidige nominaties
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY = Nominatie mislukt;!t je hebt al !g%i!y maps genomineerd. (!g%s!y).
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY_HLP = Om een!t andere kaart!g te nomineren, moet je eerst ťťn van je huidige nominaties annuleren.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT = Nominatie mislukt; 'g%s!y' is te recent gespeeld geweest.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT_HLP = Je kan '!grecentmaps!y' typen om de meest recente gespeelde kaarten te weergeven.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Nominatie!t mislukt; de stemming!g is al beslist.
GAL_NOM_GOOD_HLP = Om een!g nominatie te!t annuleren type je ofwel '!y<mapnaam>!t' of 'ycancel <mapnaam>!t'.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES = !gMeer dan ťťn map overeenkomstig '!t%s!y'. Selecteer a.u.b. de juiste.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES_MAX = !gEr zouden meer dan 't%i overeenstemmingen kunnen zijn. Alleen de eerste !g%i zullen getoond worden.
GAL_NOM_SUCCESS = !g%s!y heeft juist '!g%s!y' genomineerd.
GAL_NOM_CANCEL_OPTION = Annuleer al je Nominaties
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND = Verleng '%s' %i Minuten
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND_ROUND = Verleng %s %i Rondes
GAL_OPTION_STAY_MAP = Blijf hier op %s
GAL_OPTION_CANCEL_VOTE = Mijn stem ongedaan maken
GAL_PREFIXES_NOTFOUND = Kon '%s' niet openen om map prefixen te laden.
GAL_PREFIXES_TOOMANY = Er werden meer dan %i map prefixen gevonden in '%s'.
GAL_RESULT = Resultaat van het stemmen
GAL_RESULT_TIED1 = !g%i keuzes!y waren alle twee gelijk als eerste.!tEťn van de twee zal willekeurig geslecteerd worden voor de stemming.
GAL_RESULT_TIED2 = De !geerste!y plaats en een willekeurig geslecteerde, !tvan %i, !ytweede plaats zullen in de stemming zitten.
GAL_ROCK_ENOUGH = Genoeg players hebben hebben gestemd om voor de volgende kaart te stemmen. Stemming zal nu beginnen.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_ALREADY = Je hebt !tal gestemd om de kaart te veranderen!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Stemming is!t al bezig!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_PENDINGVOTE = Er is al een !tstemming gepland dat binnen de!g 2 minuten zal plaats vinden.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON = Je moet ongeveer nog !t%i minuten!y wachten vooraleer je kan stemmen om de kaart te veranderen.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_ROUNDS = Je moet nog ongeveer !t%i rondes!y wachten vooraleer je kan stemmen om de kaart te veranderen.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_VOTEOVER = De!g uitkomst van de!t stemming is al beslist.
GAL_ROCK_WAIT_ADMIN = Je kan niet stemmen om de map te veranderen wanneer er!g een admin online is.
GAL_ROCK_NEEDMORE = nog !g%i!t spelers moeten stemmen om de kaart te veranderen vooraleer de stemming kan beginnen.
GAL_ROCK_SUCCESS = Je hebt gestemd om de!g kaart te!t veranderen.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED = !tRunoff stemming is nodig omdat!g de eerste keuze niet meer dan 50%%!t van de uitgebrachte stemmen heeft ontvangen.
GAL_STANDARD_NOTFOUND = Foutmelding tijdens het openen van '%s' om de standaard kaarten te laden.
GAL_STANDARD_TOOMANY = Er zijn %i standaard kaarten gedefiniŽerd voor het spel '%s'
GAL_STANDARD_UNKNOWNMOD = Er zijn geen maps geÔnstalleerd voor het spel ' '.
GAL_TIMELEFT = Resterende Seconden
GAL_VOTE_COUNTDOWN = Het stemmen begint over %i seconden...
GAL_VOTE_EARLY = Vroegtijde kaart stemming zal binnen de!g 2 minuten!y beginnen wegens het!t herstarten van de server!y.
GAL_VOTE_ENDED = Het stemmen is bŽeindigd.
GAL_VOTE_INPROGRESS = Stemming!g is al!y bezig.
GAL_VOTE_NOMAPS = Stemming aanmaak!t mislukt; geen kaarten gevonden.
GAL_VOTE_WEIGHTED = Je stem is gewogen. Het telt als !g%i!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND = De huidige kaart zal verlengd worden voor !t%i minuten!.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND = De huidige!t kaart zal verlengd worden voor !g%i rondes!y.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM = Niemand heeft gestemd.!t De volgende kaart is willekeurig gekozen, namelijk '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_STAY = We !gblijven hier!y.
GAL_WINNER_TIED = De gewonnen keuze is willekeurig geselecteerd van de !g%i!t evenveel gekozen keuzes.
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Originally Posted by Napoleon_be View Post
Dutch translation
Thank you.
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Serbian translation: (update: 7/6/2016)

GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_INPROGRESS = !tPoništenje!g nije uspelo; glasanje je!y u toku.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Poništenje nije uspelo; '!g%s!y' je nominovana od strane!g %s!y.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Poništenje !tnije uspelo;!y glasanje!g je već!t gotovo.
GAL_CANCEL_FAIL_WASNOTYOU = Poništenje nije uspelo;!g Niste!y nominovali '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CANCEL_SUCCESS = Sledeće mape!g više!y nisu nominovane:!t %s
GAL_CHANGE_NEXTROUND = Sledi !tpromena mape!y posle ove runde.
GAL_CHANGE_TIMEEXPIRED = Rok!g je!t istekao!y.
GAL_CHANGE_MAINTENANCE = Server!t ne može promeniti!y mapu kada je!g u režimu za održavanje!y. Upotrebite komandu 'gal_command_maintenance' da biste ga onemogućili.
GAL_CHANGE_MAINTENANCE_STATE = Režim za održavanje servera je '!t%L!y'. Uporebite komandu '!ggal_command_maintenance!y' da biste ga onemogućili..
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND = Vi ste !gizabrali da produžite!t trenutnu mapu.
GAL_CHOICE_EXTEND_ALL = !g%s!y je izabrao!t da produži!y trenutnu mapu.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP = Izabrali ste '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_MAP_ALL = !t%s!y je izabrao '!g%s!y'.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE = Izabrali ste!t da ne učestvujete u ovom!g glasanju.
GAL_CHOICE_NONE_ALL = !g%s!t je izabrao da!y ne učestvuje u ovom glasanju.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY = Izabrali ste!t da ostanete na!g trenutnoj mapi.
GAL_CHOICE_STAY_ALL = !t%s je izabrao da ostane na!g trenutnoj mapi.
GAL_CHOOSE = Izaberite sledeću mapu
GAL_CHOOSE_QUESTION = Da li želite da glasate za sledeću mapu?
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE1 = Upotreba: gal_createmapfile <filename>
GAL_CMD_CREATEFILE_USAGE2 = Fajl će biti  napravljen u ./amxmodx/configs/galileo
GAL_CMD_NOMS = * Možete upotrebiti '!gnoms!y' umesto '!gnominations!t', ukoliko!t Vam odgovara!y.
GAL_CMD_RTV = * Možete upotrebiti '!grtv!y' umesto '!grockthevote!y', ukoliko!t Vam odgovara!y.
GAL_CREATIONFAILED = Nemoguće napraviti '%s'.
GAL_CREATIONSUCCESS = Uspešno napravljeno '%s' (%i maps).
GAL_DISABLED = Ova komanda je onemogućena.
GAL_FILLER_NOTFOUND = Nemoguće otvoriti '%s' za učitavanje mapa radi popunjavanja glasanja.
GAL_FILLER_BLOCKED = Postavke "Min-Players" / "White-List" su blokirane za sledeće mape:
GAL_GRP_FAIL_NOCOUNTS = Glasovi ne mogu biti pronađeni u '%s' da bi proces glasanja bio popunjen.
GAL_GRP_FAIL_TOOMANY = Više od 8 glasova je pronađeno u '%s'. Prvih 8 glasova je učitano.
GAL_LISTMAPS_MORE = Upotrebite '%s %i' ili '%s *' za više
GAL_LISTMAPS_SHOWING = Mape %i - %i od %i
GAL_LISTMAPS_TITLE = Mape koje su moguće nominovati
GAL_MAPS_FILEMISSING = Nemoguće otvoriti '%s'.
GAL_MAPS_FOLDERMISSING = Nemoguće pronaći 'maps' folder.
GAL_MAP_RECENTMAP = Skorašnja mapa
GAL_MAP_RECENTMAPS = Skorašnje mape
GAL_MATCHING = Uklopljeno: %s
GAL_MATCH_CURRENTMAP = (trenutna mapa)
GAL_MATCH_NOMINATED = (nominovana)
GAL_MATCH_TOORECENT = (takođe skorašnja)
GAL_MATCH_WHITELIST = (blokirana tokom narednih sat[i] vremena)
GAL_NEXTMAP = !tSledeća mapa!y će biti '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NEXTMAP_UNKNOWN = !t[!ynije još!g izglasano!t]
GAL_NEXTMAP_VOTING = !t[!yglasanje je!g u toku!t]
GAL_NOMINATEDBY = (nominovana od strane %s)
GAL_NOMS_NOTFOUND = Nemoguće otvoriti '%s' radi učitavnaja mapa koje mogu biti nominovane.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_ALREADY = Nominovanje nije uspelo!t; nije uspelo!g već ste nominovali '!y%s!g'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_CURRENTMAP = Nominovanje!t nije uspelo; '!g%s!t' je trenutna mapa.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Nominovanje nije uspelo;!g glasanje je u toku.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_NOMATCHES = Nominovanje nije uspelo;!g uklapanje ime mapa je nije uspelo'!y%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE = Nominovanje nije uspelo; '!g%s!y' je već nominovana od strane !g%s!y.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_SOMEONEELSE_HLP = Možete ukucati, '!tnominations!y', da biste videli listu!t trenutnih nominacija.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY = Nominovanje nije uspelo;!t već ste!y nominovali !g%i!y mape (!g%s!y).
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOOMANY_HLP = Da biste nominovali!t drugu mapu!g morate prvo otkazati!y Vaše trenutne nominacije.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT = Nominovanje nije uspelo; '!g%s!y' je nedavno igrana.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_TOORECENT_HLP = Možete ukucati, '!grecentmaps!y', da biste videli!t nedavno igrane mape.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Nominovanje!t nije uspelo; glasanje!g je već gotovo.
GAL_NOM_FAIL_WHITELIST = Nominovanje nije uspelo; '!g%s!y' je blokirana da se igra tokom!t narednih sati!y.
GAL_NOM_GOOD_HLP = Da biste otkazali !gnominacije!t, kucajte '!y<ime mape>!t' ili '!ycancel <ime mape>!t'.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES = !gViše od jedne mape je uklopljeno '!t%s!y'. Molimo izaberite ispravnu.
GAL_NOM_MATCHES_MAX = !gMožda je bilo više od !t%i uklapanja. Samo prvih !g%i će biti prikazano.
GAL_NOM_SUCCESS = !g%s!y je nominovao '!g%s!y'.
GAL_NOM_CANCEL_OPTION = Otkažite sve Vaše nominacije
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND = Produžite za '%s' %i minuta
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND_ROUND = Produžite za '%s' %i rundi
GAL_OPTION_EXTEND_FRAGS = Produžite za '%s' %i ubistava
GAL_OPTION_STAY = Ostani ovde
GAL_OPTION_STAY_MAP = Ostani ovde na %s
GAL_OPTION_CANCEL_VOTE = Otkaži svoj glas
GAL_PREFIXES_NOTFOUND = Nemoguće otvoriti '%s' radi učitavanja prefiksa.
GAL_PREFIXES_TOOMANY = Više od %i prefiksa je pronađeno u '%s'.
GAL_RESULT = Rezultati glasanja
GAL_RESULT_TIED1 = !g%i odabiri!y su vezani za prvi.!t Dva odabira su nasumično odabrani za glasanje.
GAL_RESULT_TIED2 = Nasumično!y odabrana i mapa!y sa najviše glasova, !tod %i,!y će biti prikazana tokom glasanja.
GAL_ROCK_ENOUGH = Dovoljno igrača je!t ubrzalo glasanje!y tako da će glasanje za sledeću mapu početi uskoro.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_ALREADY = Već ste !tubrzali glasanje!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_INPROGRESS = Glasanje je već!t u toku!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_PENDINGVOTE = Glasanje je!t je već zakazano za manje od!g 2 minuta!y.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON = Morate sačekati još !t%i minuta!y pre nego što '!gbudete mogli da ubrzate glasanje!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_ROUNDS = Morate sačekati još !t%i rundi!y pre nego što '!gbudete mogli da ubrzate glasanje!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_TOOSOON_FRAGS = Morate sačekati još !t%i ubistava!y pre nego što '!gbudete mogli da ubrzate glasanje!y'.
GAL_ROCK_FAIL_VOTEOVER = Glasanje!g je već gotovo.
GAL_ROCK_WAIT_ADMIN = Ne možete '!grock the vote!y' dok je admin tu.
GAL_ROCK_NEEDMORE = Više od!g%i!t igrača moraju '!yubrzati glasanje!t' da bi glasanje počelo.
GAL_ROCK_SUCCESS = Vi ste!t ubrzali glasanje!y.
GAL_RUNOFF_REQUIRED = !tDrugi krug glasanja je neophodan!y jer najbolji odabiri!g nisu dobili više od 50%%!t glasova.
GAL_STANDARD_NOTFOUND = Greška pri otvaranju '%s' radi učitavanja standardnih mapa.
GAL_STANDARD_TOOMANY = Postoje %i definisane standardne mape za igru '%s'.
GAL_STANDARD_UNKNOWNMOD = Standard mape nije postavljen za igru ' '.
GAL_TIMELEFT = Sekundi je preostalo
GAL_VOTE_COUNTDOWN = Glasanje će početi za %i sekundi...
GAL_VOTE_EARLY = Glasanje će početi za !g2 minuta!y zbog!t ponovnog pokretanja servera!y.
GAL_VOTE_ENDED = Glasanje je završeno.
GAL_VOTE_INPROGRESS = Glasanje je!g već!y u toku.
GAL_VOTE_NOMAPS = Pravljenje glasanja!t je nije uspelo; mape nisu pronađene.
GAL_VOTE_WEIGHTED = Vaš glas je opterećen. Računa se kao !g%i!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND = Trenutna mapa će biti produžena za !t%i minuta!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_ROUND = Trenutna mapa će biti produžena za !g%i rundi!y.
GAL_WINNER_EXTEND_FRAGS = Trenutna mapa će biti produžena za !g%i ubistava!y.
GAL_WINNER_RANDOM = !tNiko nije glasao.!y Sledeća mapa je nadumično izabrana '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_ORDERED = !tNiko nije glasao.!y Sledeća mapa će biti '!g%s!y'.
GAL_WINNER_STAY = Vi!g ostajete ovde!y.
GAL_WINNER_TIED = Pobjednička mapa!g je nasumično!t izabrana od !g%i!t najboljih povezanih glasova.

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Old 07-04-2016 , 19:45   Re: Galileo Translation Request
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Originally Posted by MihailoZ View Post
Serbian translation:
Thank you. Until next release, it is avaible on the dev version.
This is the integration commit:
Plugin: Sublime Text Studio , Galileo
Multi-Mod: Manager / Plugin / Server

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Old 07-05-2016 , 12:15   Re: Galileo Translation Request
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Originally Posted by addons_zz View Post
Thank you. Until next release, it is avaible on the dev version.
This is the integration commit:
I have updated the Serbian translation. Could you please update it at github.com?
My bad, it's SR, not RS.

Thank you.

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Originally Posted by addons_zz View Post
Hey, you basically removed almost all color tags and all accentuations.
Why did you remove the accentuations?

If you do not want coloring, just disable it on the plugin instead of delete them from the lang file.
// Enable or disable the colored chat. // 0 - Disabled // 1 - Enabled gal_colored_chat_enabled 1
Yes, I did it for a reason. When I add !t or !y, it displays !t, not blue color...I think it's better to be like that. If someone wants colors, it is easy to add them. I like it when it's clean.

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You did not answered why removing the accentuations...
Originally Posted by addons_zz View Post
Why did you remove the accentuations?
Why did you remove the accentuations?

Originally Posted by MihailoZ View Post
Yes, I did it for a reason. When I add !t or !y, it displays !t, not blue color...I think it's better to be like that.
This is no reason, this is a bug somewhere on your AMXX install.

Here they are working wonderfully (AMXX 1.8.2). Even your accentuations are great. See the image:

Originally Posted by MihailoZ View Post
] If someone wants colors, it is easy to add them. I like it when it's clean.
If someones do not want colors disables this cvar on the galileo config file:
// Enable or disable the color on the plugin text message chat (colored chat). // 0 - Disabled // 1 - Enabled gal_colored_chat_enabled 1
Plugin: Sublime Text Studio , Galileo
Multi-Mod: Manager / Plugin / Server

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