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Need Translations

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MENU_SHOP_TITLE = Deathrun Shop \rYour Points: %d points
MENU_SHOP_TEAM = Become Terrorist or CT
MENU_SHOP_CHAT = Special Chat

MENU_KNIFE_TITLE = Knife Skins Menu \rYour Points: %d points
KNIFE_0 = Default Knife
KNIFE_1 = Kitchen Knife
KNIFE_2 = Engraved Knife
KNIFE_3 = Red Knife
KNIFE_4 = Karambit
KNIFE_5 = Green Karambit
KNIFE_6 = Blue Karambit
KNIFE_7 = Bayonetfire
KNIFE_8 = Flipfire
KNIFE_9 = Griff
KNIFE_10 = Transparent Gold
KNIFE_11 = Purple Butterfly
KNIFE_12 = Gut Knife Tiger Tooth
KNIFE_13 = Hunstman Knife Crismon Web
KNIFE_14 = Banana
KNIFE_15 = Flip Flop
KNIFE_16 = Chicken

MENU_USP_TITLE = USP Skins Menu \rYour Points: %d points
USP_0 = Default USP
USP_1 = Fuel Injector
USP_2 = Cyrex
USP_3 = Guardian
USP_4 = Caiman
USP_5 = Tempared
USP_6 = Orion
USP_7 = Cortex
USP_8 = Usp-S
USP_9 = Usp-S Neo-Noir
USP_10 = Usp-S Hyper Beast

SHOP_NOT_AVAILABLE = Shop is currently not available.
SHOP_TIME_EXPIRED = !nTime has been expired, you can only buy this item next round.
SHOP_CANT_BUY = !nYou don't have enough points to buy this.
SHOP_BUY_LIMIT = !nThis item is no longer available to you at this round.
SHOP_ONLY_DEAD = !nYou can only buy this item while !tyou're dead!n!
SHOP_TYPE_TAG = !n* !tType the tag you want to show in your messages
RESPAWN_BOUGHT = !nPlayer !g%s !nbought !trespawn!
TEAM_BOUGHT = !nPlayer !g%s !nbought !tterrorist or ct changing!
CHAT_BOUGHT = !nYou bought a special tag!
WAIT_MAP_CHANGE = !nWait until map changes to see your new chat!
KNIFE_ALREADY_EQUIPPED = !nThis knife is already equipped.
KNIFE_CANT_BUY = !nYou don't have enough points to buy this knife skin.
KNIFE_BOUGHT = !nYou bought knife skin '!t%s!n'!
USP_ALREADY_EQUIPPED = !nThis usp is already equipped.
USP_CANT_BUY = !nYou don't have enough points to buy this usp skin.
USP_BOUGHT = !nYou bought usp skin '!t%s!n'!
CMD_GIVE_POINT = give %d points to %s
CMD_TAKE_POINT = take %d points from %s

POINTS = points

YOU_FINISHED = !nYou finished map in!t %s!n!
HE_FINISHED = !t%s!n finished map in!t %s!n!
YOU_IMPROVED = !nYou improved your time for!t %s!n msec!
YOU_FAILED = !nYou failed your time for!t %s!n msec!
YOU_MAP_TOP = !nYou are now on!t %d!n place in map top!
HE_MAP_TOP = !t%s!n is now on!t %d!n place in map top!

PAUSED = !nYou paused the timer
UNPAUSED = !nYou unpaused the timer

REWARD = !nYou gained!t %d points!n for finishing this map.
MENU_NOT_AVALIABLE = !nThis menu is currently not available.
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