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It's 25th Half-Life Anniversary now. It's time to rise and shine again.

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Old 11-18-2023 , 12:06   It's 25th Half-Life Anniversary now. It's time to rise and shine again.
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"Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine." - G-Man

Happy 25th Half-Life Anniversary to all of us fans!

I've always thought that Valve had abandoned this old masterpiece since it's not getting any updates anymore. But now here we are. They really did it. It got a major update. I'm really glad that they remembered this game.

First time i've played this game when i was 8 years old (i'm 16 now). I was so hooked up to this game that i could stay awake for literal hours and sneaking up on my parents in night time. i guess it's not too normal for kids like that age haha. Now i still play it to this day. I will never stop playing it until the end.

The story is absolutely amazing, the gameplay is fantastic that it mainly changed the era of the enitre FPS games. I can see how influencial & important this game is. It is truly ahead of its time. I really wish i could reset my memories so that i could play this game all over again.

I've played tons and tons of time in this game spending like 100 hours of this, played tons of mods such as Counter-Strike 1.6, The Specialists, and other more.

For the new ones, i totally recommended playing this game and its sequels and dlcs. I know the graphics & gameplay are old but it's gold right? I'm sure that you will get hooked on this one. It is now free on Steam (except the expansion packs) and the sale will be over on Nov 21th. Make sure you get it this time.

Okay, let me just calm down for a bit i was getting geeked up right there because i was literally so happy that it got a update.

Anyways thank you, Valve & the developers for making the most special game during my childhood. & also the dedicated fans too.

Well, It is time to rise and shine again. Please give your thoughts on this topic. I would happily to read it. And if you want to know the history of this game, please watch the documentary video on Valve's youtube channel. It's one hour long but i'm sure it is worth your time watching it.
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