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[Help] a Ban plugin

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Old 07-12-2019 , 00:58   Re: [Help] a Ban plugin
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] amx_who
You have no access to that command
] rcon_password
"rcon_password" is ""
] rcon_password 2414242
] rcon_password
"rcon_password" is "24

How i can block it for players ????? i test it it give me rcon
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Old 07-12-2019 , 07:49   Re: [Help] a Ban plugin
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That's the point of rcon, isn't it? Rcon is not a part of AMXX - it's in the vanilla game. If you can't deal with a simple password, then remove it.
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Old 07-14-2019 , 16:16   Re: [Help] a Ban plugin
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How do they "hack" other admins password, they aren't psychics are they? Or you're just stupid, you don't set someone whose nick is "Doni" a password such as "Doni123"..
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Old 07-15-2019 , 12:47   Re: [Help] a Ban plugin
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Originally Posted by Mikaeel123 View Post
Its steam server im not use non steam !
I really try to not take those hard words, but you are posting the proof for running non-steam and you still say you don't run non-steam?
Go try to fool some other idiots!
STEAM_0:0:1311736382 is one of the "STEAM-id's you posted.
What do you think when this account can be created? In 100years? The first ID was steam_0:0:1 and each new account adds +1 to it. So go and f**** off and try to get help where you got your crapp server from.

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