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L4D/L4D2 Tickrate Enabler

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Old 04-12-2021 , 12:06   Re: L4D/L4D2 Tickrate Enabler
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Originally Posted by Zynda View Post
Yes exactly, I just suggested it in order to better "see" the way changes to nb_update_frequency affect the infected.

As for what you should put the value of nb_update_frequency to that's up to you, it will have diminishing returns the further you lower it at an increasing CPU cost.

Note that the final result is in whole ticks so at 100 tickrate nb_update_frequency 0.1 and 0.095 have the same effect (both being 10tick between updates) and 0.094 will be rounded down to 0.09 (9 ticks).
Alright, so I took those commands from the competitive config and then adjusted it for 60 ticks. I then put nb_update_frequency to 0.03, which I think rounds to every 2 ticks or something like that. The zombies move beautifully now, I didn't really test the hitboxes but I could immediately tell that my settings were working. My CPU nor internet struggles when running the server so I'm gonna keep these settings for now. Thank you all so much.
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Old 04-26-2021 , 04:52   Re: L4D/L4D2 Tickrate Enabler
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How to set up Linux L4D 128tick?
My always at 100tick

./srcds_ run
-tickrate 128

sm_ cvar fps_ max 0 sm_ cvar sv_ mincmdrate 128
sm_ cvar sv_ maxcmdrate 128 sm_ cvar sv_ minupdaterate 128
sm_ cvar sv_ maxupdaterate 128
sm_ cvar sv_ minrate 128000
sm_ cvar sv_ maxrate 128000
sm_ cvar sv_ client_ min_ interp_ ratio -1
sm_ cvar sv_ client_ max_ interp_ ratio 0
sm_ cvar net_ splitrate 2
sm_ cvar net_ splitpacket_ maxrate 100000
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