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[REQ][L4D2] Loadout Management

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Old 11-15-2023 , 21:02   [REQ][L4D2] Loadout Management
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Hi, everyone!

I'm looking for a plugin that allows the server/admins to snapshot, replace, remove, or give loadouts for the survivors, as well as the ability to disable item pickup as to force the survivors to use said loadout.
I've searched for something that meets these requirements but came up empty handed, apologizes if I missed something!

Snapshotting loadout
Saving the current inventory of any specific survivor at any given time

Example: Survivor Bill has a Rifle, Fireaxe, Molotov, First aid kit, Adrenaline. Command is used to save that snapshot loadout specified on Bill, which can be loaded again at any point to give back those same exact items.
Ideally on a per survivor basis, so if an admin were to use a command (example) "sm_saveinv @survivors," every individual loadout would be saved to the respective players (Bill will have his current loadout saved, Francis will have his current loadout saved, etc.)

Replace items
More or less a give command but without the replaced item falling to the ground, instead deleted.

Remove items
This command would be used to strip a specified slot from a selected survivor.

Example: "sm_stripslot @Ellis slot1" which would remove the primary weapon of Ellis.

Disable Pickups
Lastly, and I'm not sure if this is possible but I'd like to include it if it is, the ability to toggle specified survivors and/or server item pickups, essentially locking the inventory of survivors to what they have.

I believe these commands could have great potential for server shenanigans while also allowing for a variety of uses, both utility-wise and fun-wise, even in the event that not all these are possible, some of these could prove useful!
Thank you for reading my admittedly loaded request, I apologize for any confusion for these ideas to which my explanations didn't get across.
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