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Voice in CSTV and demos (like faceit)

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Old 11-01-2023 , 21:52   Voice in CSTV and demos (like faceit)
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Does anyone know how faceit sets up their servers that they have voice comms in demos?

In CS:GO it worked when you used tv_relayvoice 1. I'm trying to find a way to do this in CS2. Faceit does it somehow.

When I open a CS2 faceit demo, by default it does not play the voice comms. But if I set the following on the client:
tv_listen_voice_indices -1
tv_listen_voice_indices_h -1
it works, I can hear everyone (thanks to roge- on reddit).

But when I try to set this up on my own server to have voice comms recorded in demos, I get nothing. Same with CSTV. Does anyone know how to set this up?

My current server config below:
sv_password "..."

hostname "..."

bot_quota 0

tv_enable 1
tv_relayvoice 1
tv_transmitall 1
tv_autorecord 1
tv_delay 120
tv_password "..."
tv_name "..."
tv_title "..."
tv_advertise_watchable 1
tv_delaymapchange 1
sv_hibernate_postgame_delay 180
mp_spectators_max 0

sv_hibernate_when_empty 0
sv_matchpause_auto_5v5 1

mp_team_timeout_max 3
sv_kick_ban_duration 0
mp_overtime_enable 1
mp_overtime_limit 0
mp_autokick 0

mp_warmuptime 12000
mp_warmup_pausetimer 1

sv_invites_only_mainmenu 1
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