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Solved Problem with callfunc_push_intrf

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Old 10-07-2018 , 04:27   Problem with callfunc_push_intrf
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I have a problem with callfunc_push_intrf. The function is not working as expected - just take a look at this plugin:

#include <amxmodx>

public plugin_init()
	register_plugin("Tests", "1.0", "Nvm");

	register_concmd("test_intref", "test_intref");

public test_intref(id)
	new testing_param;

	if(callfunc_begin("test_func") == 1)

		// console output: "test_intref - testing_param value: 0"
		log_amx("test_intref - testing_param value: %d", testing_param);

public test_func(param)
	// console output: "test_func - param value (pre): 628"
	log_amx("test_func - param value (pre): %d", param);

	param = 5;

	// console output: "test_func - param value (post): 5"
	log_amx("test_func - param value (post): %d", param);
Tested on fresh HLDS (updated via SteamCMD) and ReHLDS with metamod/metamod-r and AMXX 1.8.2/1.9.0-git5229 on windows 10 64bit.

Any ideas why does it behave like that?

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Old 10-07-2018 , 06:12   Re: [BUG] callfunc_push_intref doesn't work
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You missed &
PHP Code:
public test_func(&param)// there
// console output: "test_func - param value (pre): 628"
log_amx("test_func - param value (pre): %d"param);

param 5;

// console output: "test_func - param value (post): 5"
log_amx("test_func - param value (post): %d"param);

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Old 10-07-2018 , 07:12   Re: [BUG] callfunc_push_intref doesn't work
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Oh, my bad. Now it works as expected.
I swear blind that I tried to solve this that way (as in the classic case of using references), but the compiler was throwing an error.
Anyway - thank you.
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Old 10-07-2018 , 07:46   Re: [BUG] callfunc_push_intref doesn't work
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