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Just a little question.

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Nameless The Nue Producer
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Old 08-21-2018 , 07:44   Just a little question.
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Is there a way to set the ragdoll of boss after death?(like decapitating the boss' head on death)
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Old 08-21-2018 , 10:59   Re: Just a little question.
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idk if FF2 has decapitation head gibs disabled, but:

decapitation on a custom model can be done by renaming the head bone on the model's head bone to bip_head, and thats it.

there are sequences for headshot and backstab, so you can change those with a custom model, but it is impossible to set an animation for a ragdoll on death (strictly with models, maybe with a custom plugin)

with AE_CL_BODYGROUP_SET_VALUE, you can change what bodygroups are shown on the model on a particular sequence, so you can change what bodygroups are enabled/disabled on the ragdoll sequence, if you want.

hopefully that answered your question, sorry if it didnt

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