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[L4D2] Command to set team scores in Versus

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Old 06-23-2024 , 21:08   [L4D2] Command to set team scores in Versus
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[NOTE] If you're adding me on Discord because of this, include a message as well, because I usually decline random friend requests, especially if there's 0 mutual friends and servers.

I would like to request a chat command plugin which would allow admins to manipulate team scores in L4D2 Versus.

Consider the following score scenario - image link (same as embedded below).
The infected team's total score is 500 while the survivors team's total score is 564 with 39 points being made in the current chapter. This means their total team score from the previous chapter was 525 points.

In this case, when an admin would type:
`!setscore @infected 50` - the total score (aka the total points they made in the previous chapter, which is shown when TAB is pressed) of the current infected team gets set to 50 and it gets automatically updated / displayed to everyone who presses TAB.
`!setscore @survivors 50` - the score of the current survivors team from the previous chapter gets set to 50 - 39 = 11 (the 39 points they've made so far in the current chapter remains untouched as it will be added to their total score once the round ends - aka it flows naturally as the game goes on). If the command was `!setscore @survivors 20`, it would just print an error in the chat saying something like "The score of this team cannot be lower than what has been reached during this chapter.".

Is anyone interested in creating this plugin? If yes, you can reach out to me via Discord: armanossiloko. Note, it is crucial for the team scores to be propagated to the TAB scoreboard once the command is executed. I am not sure if this is really even doable, but it's worth posting here.

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