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[L4D2] Explosive AWP and Scout bullets(v1.0.1)[26-May-21]

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Old 03-28-2023 , 18:06   Re: [L4D2] Explosive AWP and Scout bullets(v1.0.1)[26-May-21]
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This is a request to admins to unapprove this plugin.

It has been replaced by this one here: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showth...01#post2801901
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Old 06-18-2024 , 11:20   Re: [L4D2] Explosive AWP and Scout bullets(v1.0.1)[26-May-21]
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Originally Posted by Earendil View Post
This plugin is no longer maintained. This one covers all the missing features.

This plugin was made by request.

When AWP and Scouts shoots, when the bullet hits an obstacle or a body, it will explode. Explosion is created using an env_explosion and will have assigned as owner the player who shooted it so enemies hurted or killed by explosion will be asigned to a player, witches can be harassed and will follow the correct player. Any zombie damaged by explosion will be stunned (tanks included), gascans, propane tanks and oxygen will be afected, even alarm cars can be triggered by the explosion, so players should be careful.

Bullet is not destroyed when it explodes, but it will generate an explosion once, when it hits is first obstacle.

Explosion damage and radius can be modified with ConVars.

PHP Code:
// If set to 1 Scout will cause explosions too.
// -
// Default: "1"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
l4d2_explawp_allow_scout "1"

// Max damage of the explosion.
// -
// Default: "100"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1000.000000"
l4d2_explawp_damage "100"

// Max explosion damage caused to survivors.
// -
// Default: "15"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
l4d2_explawp_damage_friendly "15"

// 0 = Plugin off, 1 = Plugin on.
// -
// Default: "1"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "1.000000"
l4d2_explawp_enable "1"

// Enable the plugin in these gamemodes, separated by spaces. (Empty = all).
// -
// Default: ""
l4d2_explawp_gamemodes ""

// Explosion radius override (16 units = 1 foot). If set to 0 radius will be proportional to damage.
// -
// Default: "0"
// Minimum: "0.000000"
// Maximum: "8000.000000"
l4d2_explawp_radius "0" 
* v1.0 (26-May-21)
  - First release.

* v1.0.1 (26-May-21)
  -Fixed bug in gamemode plugin ConVar (thanks to Silvers for the advice).
  - Fixed bug that allowed minigun shots become explosive while using AWP or Scout (thanks to HarryPotter for the bug report).
Hi, special's I'm looking for an awp that kills with one shot. (except tank)

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